1. Song played from tape
    The Wizard
    (Uriah Heep song)
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  2. Song played from tape
    Out from the Asylum
    (King Diamond song)
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  3. Play Video
  4. Play Video
  5. Play Video
  6. Play Video
  7. (Mercyful Fate cover)
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  8. (Mercyful Fate cover)
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  9. Song played from tape
    Play Video
  10. Abigail:
  11. Song played from tape
    (King Diamond song)
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  12. Play Video
  13. Play Video
  14. Play Video
  15. Play Video
  16. Play Video
  17. Play Video
  18. Play Video
  19. Play Video
  20. Song played from tape
    (King Diamond song)
    Play Video

Note: first King Diamond show ever in Mexico.

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