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Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Coachella Festival 2004 setlists

154 people were there

I was there too

adrnathms afullearth aksteph arcticsounds asiansplenda benharrer bertha6621 betsyellison billystyle bipjeffington Booge bratchny13 bricolage brrrrrrrrrian brumbychaser busey4pres chickenboo42 chrisdslap chules crakd CrashPow crazy4dill CrazyMary33 Crombrenner cuauhtemoc723 Cypress72 danbackhaus darcicat david2400 dentaku Desperica diegoarrangoiz dlxplan1 dmayr dream172 droberts1977 DuncanWright dzzedge emkurten entheogen111 ephusball exmensa fakeplanettelex fb:1022028521 festivalfreak foocow foranewsociety Frost242 fruer glaugh glenartrock GO-INDEEP greatchickendoc haloeighteen hardhead hello_mcfly hewins HorrorShow iggypopnfresh InfiniteJest irockiroll Its_andy JayV69 jfulton Jgarcia0216 jmcmahon jnoss JRS-One jsleman jvaldez Kavanaugh keithm Kevron80 kierkegaardian kitca koreyhunt Kristikida lateralus_13 laughlid LeeFriedenthal lidsville lotn lowkeyloki lpintado ls365 luckyjinx27 luisjaviermh lvilluminati MajorBob manewitz marychaindebris mgravez mich_mich_mich mnoyes mogambo mollytron morgodth MothMonsterMan Mr_O_Ree mrbungle33 mrjosey99 mvandeberg N8OfTheMill neverclever newmoonnight nicolioyo NoExit319 nrumartin nstange obscurafix oharris69 okyada oSean paranoidrobot Pete2186 psychicofficer Purrleo RadiantDarkness radioinsomnia randyradloff rdingwall rodknoxx Ronniespanks sagaquibra Satori scatterbear scotthickok seanson28 Setmaster2000 sillyboob Sinistar Songoboy sonickteam SoWhatchaWant supercurefangrl SuperE Supermallet suprefan swan17th tberidon thartnett thesellman thestonecave thighmaster TobiasCortese tomywill trex1964 unravelled versionke williamtorres wominblack wong25 xprincessvespax zaydon

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