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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Bonnaroo 2006 setlists

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BROODS Are Much More Smiley In Person

153 people were there

I was there too

abigailskye Absinthena adamdaltonmusic afullearth akersdn924 alanshortis alexanderyp almostaghost andrewbsteele andypropeller Badphish419 beezy12 benefitofmrkite bertmims bhyman bigmikewv Binxington BobbyTheRookie BradTaylor88 brokensocialite Burningelectron bwetz34 cbest ceramichutz charmicarmacat CheefKief chiligreendog Chrixan cide976 Civilian3030 ckswirvin clapins121 ClockworkTomato clpdot133 CntrlScrtnzr Concertmoments csbriggs CTanner1984 danielrobb922 dewarner3 dmayr DoktorHollywood dream172 drewames drfindley droberts1977 drrrewww dstee009 eahlberg23 Ells enorman83 eroche986 esgiii EverlastinSpoof fb:500905781 Frankie29 frgnugs GarrisWH Goldengoddess69 Good_choice13 graysonc greenquarter HereIsMyHandle hp22puch humanvacuum hurricanejames intoadream itisiyoshimitsu Jay_Dogg_76 jaygarcia21x Jcollius jdg81 jgestill jhaag75 jimah Jj39west joelfly Josh5180 joshwjarrett Juzbeee kingmikef kochro KPM1978 kramer357 Krep kskinder LeadbassSean Lectricbrian LichKing LiquidShadows luxamnesiac magicoyote maniac mdonnellon Michaeljoiner mikelang505 Mikerez misslady mister_floyd mlabita mokeloke MothMonsterMan Motycka mrlittlejeans musicfreak29 nikodemus nycguy524 obladerek oharris69 peckrob pheathers Phishing4Cheese planbee poindxtr poops psychicofficer Qkslvr846 RadiantDarkness radiodrone radiokid311 ratskrad Rdawson124 Renegabe robcomplex Roberson Rodo roman_candle rscarter42 rtracey88 Ruckus RunawayJim77 sakerocket1 scarvesofred Seanc719 setalpgninnps skokiaan67 Soul_Immersed soulcrusader SoWhatchaWant stephy1771 Syd_Bareass thartnett toastercult Treasure TSCrow typeoserv unravelled vewatson viewAskewser whitefrenchman wpeofiwufspdoi yem44 zamsam

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