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Sep 13 2016

Architects at Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS, USA

  1. Lucky
  2. Bury My Heart in Lebanon, MO
  3. Pills
  4. I Chose Wrong
  5. Daddy Wore Black
  6. In The Snow
  7. Kickswaggerboom
  8. Death Rides a Horse
  9. Sin City
  10. Peter Fonda
Apr 16 2011

Architects at Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

  1. Cold Hard Facts
  2. Bastards at the Gate
  3. Jersey Shore
  4. Stand
  5. Tempt Me Fate
  6. Year of the Rat
  7. Daddy Wore Black
  8. Death Rides a Horse
  9. Suspect
  10. Ghetto
  11. Pills

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