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Aug 22 2015

Colin James at PNE Amphitheatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  1. Voodoo Thing
  2. Bad Habits
  3. Forty-Four
  4. Watching the River Flow
  5. Five Long Years
  6. Heartbreak Road
  7. Why'd You Lie?
  8. Freedom
  9. I'll See It Through
  10. Man's Gotta be a Stone
  11. Oh Well
  12. Hearts on Fire
  13. ...
Jul 25 2015

Colin James at Kelso Beach, Owen Sound, ON, Canada

  1. Honey bee
  2. Forty-Four
  3. Just a little love
  4. Fool for You
  5. Hearts on Fire
  6. Riding in the Moonlight
  7. Dreams Come and Go
  8. Heartbreak Road
  9. Why'd You Lie?
  10. Freedom
  11. Man's Gotta be a Stone
  12. Oh Well
  13. ...

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Colin James setlists

Colin James

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