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Oct 23 2016

Get Well Soon at Nationaltheater, Mannheim, Germany

  1. Ouvertüre nach Nausea
  2. Seneca's Silence
  3. We Are Free
  4. Red Nose Day
  5. 5 Steps/7 Swords
  6. We are Still
  7. A Voice in the Louvre
  8. That Love
  9. A Burial at Sea
  10. Aureate!
  11. We Are Ghosts
  12. Teenage FBI
Jul 9 2016

Get Well Soon at Open Source Festival 2016

  1. It's Love
  2. The Last Days of Rome
  3. It's a Catalogue
  4. Mail from Heidegger
  5. You Cannot Cast Out the Demons (You Might as Well Dance)
  6. Roland, I Feel You
  7. Marienbad
  8. Young Count Falls for Nurse
  9. Good Friday
  10. Angry Young Man
  11. Too Much Love
  12. It's a Mess
  13. ...
Jul 2 2016

Get Well Soon at Festival Beauregard 2016

  1. It's Love
  2. It's a Catalogue
  3. Roland, I Feel You
  4. You cannot cast out the Demons
  5. Too Much Love
  6. Marienbad
  7. Young Count Falls for Nurse
  8. It's a Fog

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Get Well Soon setlists

Get Well Soon

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