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  • Great White (US hard rock band)
  • Great White (hip hip)
Jun 24 2016

Great White at Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton, CA, USA

  1. Step on You
  2. Desert Moon
  3. Lady Red Light
  4. Face the Day
  5. All Over Now
  6. House of Broken Love
  7. Save Your Love
  8. Mista Bone
  9. Big Goodbye
  10. Rock Me
  11. Once Bitten Twice Shy
Apr 30 2016

Great White at Portage Theater, Chicago, IL, USA

  1. Step on You
  2. All Over Now
  3. (I've Got) Something for You
  4. House of Broken Love
  5. Save Your Love
  6. Mista Bone
  7. Desert Moon
  8. Rock Me
  9. Can't Shake It
  10. Once Bitten Twice Shy

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Great White setlists

Great White

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