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  • Lock Up (UK deathgrind band)
  • Lock Up (US rock group)
Apr 25 2017

Lock Up at Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. Necropolis Transparent
  2. Feeding on the Opiate
  3. Detestation
  4. Blood and Emptiness
  5. Void
  6. Demons Raging
  7. Accelerated Mutation
  8. Brethren of the Pentagram
  9. Slaughterous Ways
  10. The Plague That Stalks the Darkness
  11. Submission
  12. Desolation Architect
  13. ...
May 22 2015

Lock Up at Maryland Deathfest XIII

  1. Feeding on the Opiate
  2. The Jesus Virus
  3. Birth of Ignorance
  4. Necropolis Transparent
  5. Fear of Napalm
  6. After Life In Purgatory
  7. Brethren of the Pentagram
  8. Stygian Reverberations
  9. Detestation
  10. High Tide in a Sea of Blood
  11. Rage Incarnate Reborn
  12. Hate Breeds Suffering
Oct 12 2014

Lock Up at Manizales Grita Rock 2014

  1. Accelerated Mutation
  2. Slaughterous Ways
  3. Brethren of the Pentagram
  4. Triple Six Suck Angels
  5. Violent Reprisal
  6. Detestation
  7. Feeding on the Opiate
  8. The Dreams Are Sacrificed
  9. Infiltrate and Destroy
  10. The Jesus Virus
  11. Rage Incarnate Reborn
  12. Submission
  13. ...

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