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North Mississippi Allstars Concert Setlists & Tour Dates

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Jun 9 2015

North Mississippi Allstars at Iridium Jazz Club, New York, NY, USA

  1. Mississippi Boll Weevil
  2. You Gotta Move
  3. Up Over Yonder
  4. Shake 'Em on Down
  5. Never in All My Days
  6. It Hurts Me Too
  7. Back Back Train
  8. KC Jones
  9. Someday Baby
  10. Big Chief Drink Plenty of Fire Water
  11. I'm Leavin'
  12. Eaglebird
  13. ...
Apr 2 2015

North Mississippi Allstars at The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA

  1. The Meeting
  2. Sitting on Top of the World
  3. Never in All My Days
  4. Down by the River
  5. evening train might be too late
  6. he know when it died down
  7. Drinking Muddy Water
  8. Goin' Down South
  9. Shake What Yo' Mama Gave You
  10. All Night Long
  11. lay down my brother I love you but Jesus loves you best I bid you good night
Mar 31 2015

North Mississippi Allstars at Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ, USA

  1. Let It Roll
  2. Never in All My Days
  3. Shake 'Em on Down
  4. Up Over Yonder
  5. Goin' Down South
  6. Meet Me in the City
  7. Girl You Know I feel So Bad New Song
  8. Po Black Maddie
  9. Skinny Woman
  10. Drinking Muddy Water
  11. Instrumental
  12. Granny, Does Your Dog Bite
  13. ...