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Aug 6 2011

Polvo at Off Festival 2011

  1. Right the Relation
  2. D.D. (S.R.)
  3. Bombs That Fall From Your Eyes
  4. Monoloth (?)
  5. Fast Canoe
  6. Old Lystra (?)
  7. Bat Radar
  8. Feather of Forgiveness
  9. Lazy Comet
  10. Enemy Insects
  11. Beggar's Bowl
Oct 29 2010

Polvo at Workman's Club, Dublin, Ireland

  1. Feather of Forgiveness
  2. Lazy Comet
  3. Enemy Insects
  4. Beggar's Bowl
  5. The Pedlar
  6. Thermal Treasure
  7. Heavy D
  8. Fast Canoe
  9. Right the Relation
  10. D.D. (S.R.)
  11. Bombs That Fall From Your Eyes
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