The Tallest Man on Earth Setlists

Nov 27 2016

The Tallest Man on Earth at Neon Lights 2016

  1. För Sent För Edelweiss
  2. East Virginia
  3. Fields of Our Home
  4. 1904
  5. Criminals
  6. The Wild Hunt
  7. Darkness of the Dream
  8. I Won't Be Found
  9. The Gardener
  10. Little Nowhere Towns
  11. Time of the Blue
  12. Love Is All
  13. ...
Oct 8 2016
Sep 16 2016

The Tallest Man on Earth at Fabrique, Milan, Italy

  1. East Virginia
  2. Fields of Our Home
  3. 1904
  4. Criminals
  5. The Wild Hunt
  6. Darkness of the Dream
  7. I Won't Be Found
  8. The Gardener
  9. Little Nowhere Towns
  10. Love Is All
  11. Rivers
  12. The Sparrow and the Medicine
  13. ...

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The Tallest Man on Earth setlists

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