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Apr 5 1985

Todd Rundgren's Utopia at Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS, USA

  1. Style
  2. Princess Of The Universe
  3. Set Me Free
  4. Hammer In My Heart
  5. Swing to the Right
  6. Zen Machine
  7. Mated
  8. Mystified
  9. Road to Utopia
  10. Caravan
  11. More Light
Jul 27 1980

Todd Rundgren's Utopia at Mississippi River Festival 1980

  1. Utopia Theme
  2. The Last Ride
  3. Open My Eyes
  4. Another Life
  5. The Wheel
  6. The Seven Rays
  7. Mister Triscuits
  8. Everybody's Going to Heaven / King Kong Reggae
  9. Something's Coming
  10. Heavy Metal Kids
  11. Do Ya
  12. Just One Victory
  13. ...
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