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Hi EC,
I changed a bunch of setlists for the band UP! that were entered using a website that just called them Up that you had entered. All of them were in Michigan. They were advertised in local newspapers as The Up. Musicbrainz says "The Up" were active from 1967 to 1973. The Wikipedia page for The Up says they were a Michigan band that formed in 1967 and disbanded in 1973. I am pretty sure this is correct but wanted to give you a "Heads UP!" on it even tho I did put this information in the comment section.

That I didn't understand. There were a lot of songs incorrectly listed as medleys, but when I checked FZShows.com, they would use the "q: Bolero etc." to indicate it wasn't a medley. I already corrected those. I'll go back once again and revert some of the set lists where it says "Torture Never Stops medley."

Texas Crapshooter is 'The Farr Brothers' cover. It insists it is Phil & Friends. Please change. Thx!

Why did you change this recently?
Viejas Concerts In The Park, El Cajon, CA, USA.
They should be:
Viejas Concerts in the Park, Alpine, CA, USA
http://viejas.com/san-diego-entertainment - [address at bottom of page]

I was just confused. I didn't know Zappa used the name just for the hell of it on later albums, but as a variation of the name. Wikipedia, Musicbrainz, and Zappa fansites in particular are completely misleading in those regards.

I sincerely thought the process of changing some Frank Zappa's concerts over to Mothers of Invention as well as listing all later Mothers songs performed as covers under Frank Zappa as solo was all an incomplete process, and I was just going by what was displayed on MusicBrainz. I'm really sorry about this.

I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

They are Mothers of Invention songs, they're just listed differently on Musicbrainz. I mean, Bongo Fury is assigned to Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart when it's clearly a Mothers release so why not other releases (like Overnite Sensation, Just Another Band from LA, Fillmore East, Grand Wazoo, Roxy & Elsewhere) also be listed as covers by The Mothers of Invention?

Hi RockerFanV,

ExecutiveChimp, a moderator on setlist.fm, isn't sure about a setlist you edited.
Please provide a source to the setlist by leaving a comment there containing a link to a source or an explanation where you got the information from (e.g. if you were there yourself).

The setlist concerned is:
"Mötley Crüe Setlist San Jose Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA, USA 1982, Too Fast for Love"

And here's the link to the setlist:

This gig was advertised in the SF Chronicle on 11/28/82. If it was cancelled, I don't have a record of that happening.


How do? Can you help out by adding the following:

Please add the SF Bay Area band “Kid Courage.” in the late 1970’s, they featured a young Eric Martin, who went on to helm Mr. Big. Also opened for AC/DC for their first american gigs. They are different from “Kid Courageous”



You oughta learn to speak french. The french wikipedia page says about that All You Need Is Love rehearsal.


I am also certain that the version of Corinna that the New Orleans Radiators performs is the Taj Mahal version. Not Bo Carter. Totally different. I cannot speak for the other artists on the list. But. I would suspect that Taj performs his own version. Not Bo's.

The version that NRPS has done since 2006 is an OCMS original. Not sure why, as per your link that the OCMS album on wiki lists Noah Lewis as the author. It has completely different lyrics. Written by OCMS members. Also. Phish has always performed the Taj Mahal version of Corinna. Not Corrine, Corrina by Bo Carter. Different versions. Have a nice day Chimp!

S'up? Chimpster:

As for your message:
Hi RockerFanV,

ExecutiveChimp, a moderator on setlist.fm, isn't sure about a setlist you edited.
Please provide a source to the setlist by leaving a comment there containing a link to a source or an explanation where you got the information from (e.g. if you were there yourself).

The setlist concerned is:
"Deep Purple Setlist Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA, USA 1991, Slaves and Masters"

And here's the link to the setlist:

ExecutiveChimp also sends you the following message:
"Was this show cancelled?"

Most likely yes. I posted based on ads run in the SF Chronicle some time in advance. Good ahead and cancel this list and the following:




I got a strong feeling a lot, if not all, shows from this venue are fake, being they are filled with spam

Thanks :)

Thanks also for checking on this. I'll let you know if it happens again.

Hey, ExecutiveChimp:

Very weird stuff happened last night. I updated a lot of old Night Ranger concerts from a list of shows they performed in 1998 on their "Seven Tour." I turned my back, and all of the updates were lost. I had also assigned a bunch of NR concerts from 2007 and 2008 to the "Hole in the Sun Tour" from that era. Those were all reverted to not being from that tour. But the editors have weird names and when you check on them, have no actual credits noted. Was the site hacked? Please investigate and reply:

check the edits and comments:


And check "Frozer"'s profile:


Same here:
Check edits:

and "Tangled 12"'s profile:




Thanks for pointing out my error. I was busy assigning John Cougar Mellencamp concerts to the tour that year, "Whenever We Wanted". Looks like I deleted your song list inadvertently. My apologies. I have also notified the original poster.



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