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I was unable to find anything else about those Barnum Festival shows. Their website has no info on their history or what venues were used. We have Barnum Festival listed as a venue (which it isn't) but I think they did appear there with Ed Sullivan because Bill Kenny without the Ink Spots was on the Ed Sullivan Show (then called Toast of the Town) on July 4 live from the fantail of the USS Iowa docked in New York Harbor.


There is more info on this show on Ed Sullivan websites. We don't have Bill Kenny as an artist to add a setlist for that show. Sorry I don't have more on the Connecticut shows.

I found this when I was looking around for July 1954 Ink Spots info. The link you provided on the Ink Spots setlist speculates they played at a Connecticut state fair between April and July 10. I'll bet it was at this annual Barnum Festival which would fit the gap between their Canada and NJ engagements. They could have played any of the days between the two. I think a setlist for Jul 1 with an info tag about approximate date makes sense. I will see if I can find some confirmation of those shows.


It looks like you were right about the Nevada Ink Spots show not being the original group. An article in the Jul 24 Reno Evening Gazette says that Ink Spots pianist Herman Flintall was married to Mildred Harrison on Jul 19 in Minden, NV and that bass singer Howard Jackson sang a solo song at the ceremony. I think these guys may have been members of Charlie Fuqua's Ink Spots but they definitely weren't the originals. Maybe you could delete that setlist when you get a chance.

I don't think John Mayer gets special treatment, it's what he titled the song on his own album released by Columbia Records as a Robert Johnson cover. It should be this way for all artists. Are you going to revert all the Grateful Dead performances of "And We Bid You Goodnight" to "I Bid You Goodnight" even though the Dead always listed on their releases as "And We Bid You Goodnight"? No you aren't because it would look weird and wouldn't make sense because that's not what they called the song. In my opinion songs like "Crossroads" are almost traditional songs where the song title can actually change over time. As a moderator i've provided a whole host of reasons to back up my argument but all you have provided is "rules are rules" Listen, your contribution to this site is astounding and we all owe a debt to you. I just simply think you are dead wrong on this one and you've presented no real arguments to your side

I get that was original title of the song but when John Mayer, Clapton and other artists issue the song on their own albums it's credited as "Crossroads". Why would we use a different song title than what the actual artist who is performing the song considers it's title to be? John Mayer released this song on his album "Battle Studies" under the name "Crossroads" by Robert Johnson. It was released by one of the largest record labels on earth, Columbia, who didn't seem to have any problem listing it as "Crossroads" and crediting it to Robert Johnson. When John mentions the songs onstage and in interviews it's called Crossroads. When he prints the song each night on his written setlist it's listed as "Crossroads" I remembering getting into this same fight over the Grateful Dead and the song "And We Bid You Goodnight" where other mods insisted the "original song title" was "I Bid You Goodnight" even though the Grateful Dead lists it on their albums and on their official website as "And We Bid You Goodnight"
Links below to back up everything i'm arguing above in regards to John Mayer.

Hi, I added a source to the two Voivod setlists I made. It's on the setlist pages.

Most of the setlists I added actually came from tour t-shirts that were traded here.

The source for the White Zombie setlists is db.etree.org

Hi, I have a problem. I try to edit setlists and it's says that's blocked by a moderator. Then I try to add a setlist, and it's written the same thing. Can you help me?

Marillion plays the various parts of 'Goodbye to All That' differently almost every tour, often combined with another song. It used to simply say GTAT on the setlists, but someone changed to individual parts and I tend to agree.
The challenge is to have a complete overview though, so I am going through recordings of the various tours to find the correct parts played that particular tour. 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2008 and 2016 done so far...
Usually official setlists just say "Mad" when the band almost always plays Wave as well. And some times more...

ASAP please add DREAMCAR new band with members of AFI and No Doubt. They have gigs this week and will be playing Coachella.

Hi EC,
I changed a bunch of setlists for the band UP! that were entered using a website that just called them Up that you had entered. All of them were in Michigan. They were advertised in local newspapers as The Up. Musicbrainz says "The Up" were active from 1967 to 1973. The Wikipedia page for The Up says they were a Michigan band that formed in 1967 and disbanded in 1973. I am pretty sure this is correct but wanted to give you a "Heads UP!" on it even tho I did put this information in the comment section.

That I didn't understand. There were a lot of songs incorrectly listed as medleys, but when I checked FZShows.com, they would use the "q: Bolero etc." to indicate it wasn't a medley. I already corrected those. I'll go back once again and revert some of the set lists where it says "Torture Never Stops medley."

Texas Crapshooter is 'The Farr Brothers' cover. It insists it is Phil & Friends. Please change. Thx!

Why did you change this recently?
Viejas Concerts In The Park, El Cajon, CA, USA.
They should be:
Viejas Concerts in the Park, Alpine, CA, USA
http://viejas.com/san-diego-entertainment - [address at bottom of page]

I was just confused. I didn't know Zappa used the name just for the hell of it on later albums, but as a variation of the name. Wikipedia, Musicbrainz, and Zappa fansites in particular are completely misleading in those regards.

I sincerely thought the process of changing some Frank Zappa's concerts over to Mothers of Invention as well as listing all later Mothers songs performed as covers under Frank Zappa as solo was all an incomplete process, and I was just going by what was displayed on MusicBrainz. I'm really sorry about this.

I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

They are Mothers of Invention songs, they're just listed differently on Musicbrainz. I mean, Bongo Fury is assigned to Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart when it's clearly a Mothers release so why not other releases (like Overnite Sensation, Just Another Band from LA, Fillmore East, Grand Wazoo, Roxy & Elsewhere) also be listed as covers by The Mothers of Invention?

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