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I am fine. Thanks for asking. How are you? If you say that "tour" should be including with WorldWired according to guidelines. I will not change it back. However. I do not believe your fellow moderator ExecutiveChimp would agree with you. Take care.

Hi MusicNation. I'm going to the show tonight in Dallas. What time did RHCP come on stage after the warm-up bands?

Sorry, I thought you might have deleted them because they were located in Brazil, but it is not your fault. The problem is that they should not have been deleted but should have had their artist corrected instead.

Agreed, I don't think those appearances should be part of the tour unless the artist lists them on the tour page.

Hi! It depends on what you mean by promo tour. Are you talking about a book promo or album promo tour where the artist does interviews and signs autographs? Or are you talking about a tour where songs actually get played that is in conjunction with something being promoted?

Hi! You have to be very careful when users make merge requests, what they are asking might not always be correct. For example Her Majesty's Theatre in London, some user asked for it to be merged with Her Majesty's Theater. Unfortunately that is not correct:'s_Theatre
I have already fixed the merge. Cheers!

You just incorrectly edited the Demi Lovato Setlist from Honda Center.

2 Chainz was a guest DURING Lovato's set.

Simply Google it and you'll learn this is the case.

Not really sure, since we leave some comedy performances that include musical performances (such as Monty Python) in the database too. Also, it was pomes27 who added the setlists. Didn't we have a discussion about this in the forum some time ago? If not it might be worth it. Cheers!

Hi, I was just wondering why you changed the Little Mix setlist I've linked below? I was there and the setlist changes you made are incorrect. May I please change it back?

Hi! I was wondering what are your thoughts on the recent edits in Lady Gaga setlists by guinhasisilva?

Hi! I would put all medleys in the "Medleys" album. Thanks!

Hi! Artist names are also dependent on the data from So if you change the name there it should change it on automatically.

Hi! Please don't capitalize @Info[] disambiguations. They are not part of the title and do not need to be capitalized. Look at the titles in MusicBrainz, their guidelines suggest to not capitalize disambiguations either. Thanks!

I noticed that you made a setlist for Selena Gomez for May 25, 2016 at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The concert in Ottawa was moved to May 22, 2016 and her concert in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Air Canada Centre was moved to May 25, 2016.

Venia a decir que pusiste otro artista en los días que toco Coldplay, es "Hana", no "Hana Pleste". No te preocupes que ya los corregí, solo hay que borrar los que aparecen con "Hana Pleste" en La Plata. Otra cosa, el día 1/04 no pude poner en Hana "@Info(Opening for Coldplay). Lo podes hacer vos, por favor?. Saludos

Can you come to the 3/31 coldplay Setlist? There are trolls messing around putting in false information


Neither Sarah Bareilles or Ry Cuming toured to promote Maroon 5's Hands All Over. They each toured to promote their own releases. The fact that they were supporting Maroon 5 is irrelevant (in's eyes).

I've noticed you adding tour names like this before but haven't said anything until now. Although I personally wish there was a better system, this is the format that we all must follow for now.

Please stop adding a headline artist's tour name to the support act. This is incorrect and against the guidelines. Please stop, otherwise it may cost you moderator privileges.

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