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Will you delete this setlist for me as I typo'd the date when I created it. It was not Sep 3 but actually March 9, in support of Rolling Stones. Thanks.

Could you please edit these all to 'Under the Skin' only for consistency. Thank you.

You may need to keep your eye on newbie mod Biedjee. He also did a batch edit on Stand *By* Me. I sent him a message about it.

Hey Soundwave, how are you?

Do you know what to do about this setlist?

I think that "TheoKritikos" sent you a message about this too...


woops, sorry :-S

Hi Soundwave
Thank you for the prompt reply.

Hi Soundwave

Tonight there was a concert of 2 different solo singers (Eva Ayllón and Tania Libertad both in MusicBrainz database). Is it possible to add the setlist as Eva Ayllón & Tania Libertad? They were on stage together for the whole concert and performing some songs separately each one. They have not released any music together as a duo. Some time ago it was not possible, but maybe is it possible now?

Suena perfecto!

Ah, entiendo. Y qué se hace en cuando hay dos bandas under con el mismo nombre?

Hola! Estás en lo correcto, la formada en 2010 es la que está en

No están ahora en actividad pero puede volver en cualquier momento. A qué se debe la pregunta? Sólo para saber!

Gracias por contactarte.

Hola Diego, como andás? Podrías poner los siguientes eventos de setlist? De Babasónicos, Daniel Melero y Juan Ingaramo. Van a tocar gratis en Mar del Plata el martes 7 de Febrero. Yo no puedo hacerlo porque el sábado 4 me voy para allá y me quedo una semana. Te paso la página donde saqué la información.
Te paso el link acá:

Saludos y Gracias!

Hi Soundwave

Happy new year!

Please could you delete the following setlist?

The artist was present, but it was cancelled before gates opening due to permission issues of the venue.

Thank you

If I have a show that was three artists and they played in the round but did not all play on each others songs (i.e. they took turns playing songs but would just sit and watch the other performances) how do I do that on My initial thought is three separate setlists with a note.

Hi Soundwave. I'm going to the show tonight in Dallas. What time did RHCP come on stage after the warm-up bands?

Hola, Respecto al cambio de nombre del estadio Chile a Victor Jara previo al 12/09/2003, lo puedo hacer. Será una difícil tarea, pero no imposible. Dame un plazo de 1 semana, ok?

I didn't delete those setlists. Why?

Hola Diego, como andás? Podés arreglar un tema de Franz Ferdinand? que se llama "Can't Stop Feeling" está en "iTunes Festival: London 2009" y está mal. Debería estar en el álbum "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand". Acá te paso un link de algún recital.


Hola Diego, como estás? te iba a decir si podés poner el tema "Ritmo y Decepción" de Miranda! en el álbum "Magistral". Acá te dejo una lista.


How can we delete the June 2, 2016 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers entry in Atlanta? This was actually a Mudcrutch show that already exists.

I'm talking about a tour where songs are played, usually on TV shows and small gigs.
I don't think that those "tours" should be named. What do you think?

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