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Hi Soundwave! Please remove this entry. Thx!
Also. Could you please delete the last entry you made on my comments page concerning the Soundgarden setlists? For some reason. Comments left my mods cannot be deleted anymore, but comments left by others can. Can you fix this problem for me as well?
Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Soundwave,

can you remove this show:

and remove the festival-marking on this show:

source for festival-marking removing:

Aerosmith at Königsplatz, Munich, Germany is just normal show

Thank you in advance
Regards! ? =)

Hello! Could you do me a favor, if it's not too much trouble? A user on here keeps altering this Red Hot Chili Peppers setlist in a way that creates several inconsistencies with their song statistics, via adding jams that aren't normally listed and creating a medley out of songs that are normally listed as individual performances. Could you please lock this setlist so this can cease? I'd really appreciate it if you could... Thank you! :)

Hola Diego, como estas? te iba a decir si podías poner el tema "Desperté" de Café Tacvba en el álbum "Cuatro Caminos", porque parece según Setlist, es la primera vez que la tocan (aunque tampoco es seguro). Y en otro dato que te escribí hace un par de días, si podías poner el tema "Sin Título" en el álbum "Revés/Yo Soy", porque en realidad está como "Yo Soy" y está mal.
Acá te dejo el link para el tema "Desperté"

Y acá te dejo el link para "Sin Título"

Y por último, el tema "Revés" lo puse como nombre "13" por en realidad es así como está en el álbum "Revés/Yo Soy" y los corregí a todos con el nombre de "13".


Hello Soundwave - Could you please add Peter Baron to the artist database. I am having trouble getting it done on musicbrainz. Thx!

I forget... I also had made a lot of research among fans and the web during the last years: now that I have a little bit of time to put all the things I found and infos I collected, I'm uploading them, since it's since years I'm trying to fill all the Zucchero's setlists here. I also wrote some album corrections in the forum because there are a lot of wrong assignments: I hope you could solve them or ask someone to do it. Thanks again! Cheers, Blukaos

Hi Soundwave. Thanks for your question. In Zucchero's live history these tours were very scenographic: L'Urlo Tour, Spirito DiVino Tour, Shake World Tour and Bluesugar World Tour. The songs were tied to specific lightings or visuals or effects, that's why it's known Zucchero doesn't change the set. He started changing from night to night a lot from Fly Tour on. Anyway there are some specific cases where he changed something also in those tours: throught the years I collected bootlegs, notes, articles, memorabilia from where I exctracted the right infos. Or particular concerts where fans know something different had happened. In the case of L'Urlo Tour he changed a little bit the set from the indoor dates to the ones open air. So in the tours I listed the setlist were the same (I obviously could have made a mistake in one date or another for one or two tracks, but I hope the ones there at the concerts, could help through the years, correcting the small mistakes here or there). I also know people who were on tour with Zucchero in the 90's (and also have an uncle very often in the security for those tour) so I also have a confirmation of what I said from this. I hope to have answered. Have a nice evening, Blukaos

Hey, how are you?

I did a lot of research about those shows a long time ago, but I didn't have the time to put in here until now..
They did basically the same setlist every night.


Hi Soundwave

Thank you for renaming both Luis Salinas setlists requested.


soundwave I have a poster from a Triumph Just a Game Tour saying they played in Kitchener memorial Arena on October 3 1979 can you check it out
Peterborough Oct. 6
Kingston Oct. 7
Sault Oct. 10
Oshawa Oct. 13 on the tour list there doesn't show the Kitchener show

Hola Diego, en Café Tacvba arreglé algo que estaba mal. El tema "Revés" en realidad va como nombre "13" porque así está en el álbum "Revés/Yo Soy". Si no estás seguro chequealo.
Y por último hay un tema que se llama "Sin Título" del disco "Revés/Yo Soy", pero está en "Yo Soy", y está mal, en realidad va como "Revés/Yo Soy" y te iba a decir si lo podías arreglar. Acá te paso el link.


Hi Soundwave.

Thanks for fixing the festival name.

Hi Soundwave

Today I wanted to create the setlists for Vivo X El Rock 9, but other user already created two setlists with the name of the festival Vivo X El Rock 2017 (Evanescence and Korn), I created for Molotov but the system added the festival name by default. Can you change those setlists to the correct festival name: Vivo X El Rock 9, so I can create the other band setlist?

Thank you in advance

Hi Soundwave

Tonight there was the last of 5 concerts of 2 different solo artists (Luis Salinas and Nahuel Pennisi both in MusicBrainz database). Is it possible to add the setlist as Luis Salinas & Nahuel Pennisi? They were on stage together for the whole concert, but they have not released any music together as a duo yet .

Hi Soundwave,

I appreciate you going through and editing things for consistency. I like it. I try to follow the site's published guidelines, ( exactly. e.g. Rock and Roll @Tape[First verse only] or e.g. The Remedy (I Won't Worry) @Info[With "Wonderwall" snippet by Oasis).

You obviously prefer the first word in the brackets ("First" and "With" in these examples) to be lower-cased and go and edit my entries like here

I don't mind, as I said I like consistency, but perhaps the guidelines should be made to match the desired style so I can get it right the first time.


Could you merge this setlist or change the artist name to just Vita Talisa? Thank you.

Hola Diego, como andás? todo bien? además de lo que te dije el otro día sobre el artista "Daniel En Test", habría que agregar todos los eventos del Cirque Du Soleil de Soda Stereo en el Luna Park, eso sí, son un montón de fechas, todos los días, el pre-estreno fue el 8 de Marzo y la primera fecha fue el 9 de Marzo y hasta no se que mes van a estar haciendo las funciones todos los días (alguna fecha seguramente no se hizo, pero sí casi todas). Saludos!

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