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Hi Soundwave

Happy new year!

Please could you delete the following setlist?

The artist was present, but it was cancelled before gates opening due to permission issues of the venue.

Thank you

Please remove this entry. It was Robin Zander. Not Cheap Trick. Thx!

If I have a show that was three artists and they played in the round but did not all play on each others songs (i.e. they took turns playing songs but would just sit and watch the other performances) how do I do that on My initial thought is three separate setlists with a note.

Hello Soundwave - Could you please lock this Billy Joel setlist.
I was in attendance. As of my last edit it was 100% accurate. There is someone who keeps incorrectly changing it. Could you please revert it to my last entry if BillyBruce has changed it yet again before locking? It is becoming tiresome. Thank you. lmf

Hi Soundwave. I'm going to the show tonight in Dallas. What time did RHCP come on stage after the warm-up bands?

Hola, Respecto al cambio de nombre del estadio Chile a Victor Jara previo al 12/09/2003, lo puedo hacer. Será una difícil tarea, pero no imposible. Dame un plazo de 1 semana, ok?

I didn't delete those setlists. Why?

Hola Diego, como andás? Podés arreglar un tema de Franz Ferdinand? que se llama "Can't Stop Feeling" está en "iTunes Festival: London 2009" y está mal. Debería estar en el álbum "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand". Acá te paso un link de algún recital.


Hola Diego, como estás? te iba a decir si podés poner el tema "Ritmo y Decepción" de Miranda! en el álbum "Magistral". Acá te dejo una lista.


How can we delete the June 2, 2016 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers entry in Atlanta? This was actually a Mudcrutch show that already exists.

I'm talking about a tour where songs are played, usually on TV shows and small gigs.
I don't think that those "tours" should be named. What do you think?

Hi Soundwave, how are you?
Do you what is the convention here about promo tours?
I searched at the guidelines, but there's nothing there about this.


Hi Soundwave,

Thanks for keeping us all honest! I see that you've already fired a shot across the bows of user GENESISFAN who seems to think he has a god-like knowledge of all concerts ever and has made over 1700 edits in 6 months! I wonder if his hobby is deliberately wrecking people's collaborative hard work. Maybe you'd like to take a look again? Thanks, Mike.

Hi Soundwave,

I've noticed that you changed the @Song tag to @Cover tag in Peter Hook & The Light setlists. But Peter was a member of both New Order and Joy Division. According to the guidelines shouldn't the @Song tag be used? Or am I wrong.?

Hi Soundwave

Can you delete the following Peter Hook & The Light setlist:

It was canceled hours before the show.


hi, Soundwave, thanks for reporting. I've corrected the venue.

Hi Soundwave
Can you delete the following Rodolfo Mederos setlist:
A new one was created used the correct artist name.
Thank you!

Very well. I'll help you convert all of the setlists when I have a free moment. :)

Hi there! In response to your question about the Peter Hook setlists, the reason I changed them is because all of the setlists were listed under Peter Hook's name only. I mean, there are over 400 setlists under that name, from all of his tours over the years... I personally think that they should be listed under Peter Hook and the Light because these aren't solo gigs of his, technically, but all of his prior shows are listed under his name by itself, so that's why I changed them. Just to keep the setlists all together... I hope that answers your question. :P

Hola Diego, que tal? te iba a decir si podés poner el tema "Pequeño Aleph" en el álbum "Supernatural" de Daniel Melero. Acá te paso el link.


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