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Please stop editing my setlist. I am the artist and I want my setlist a certain way for my records. You were not at these shows. I am fine with you changing "The A-Team" to "The A Team", however "Close To You" was first released by Richard Chamberlain, so don't change it to Burt please. Also no one is interpreting me saying "First Time Ever Played" that I am the first one to play these songs, they are cover songs, that is impossible for me to play a cover song first, it is common sense that I mean it was played by me first in my history of performance. I know you are trying to help, but please stop. Thank you so much.

Hi, ehe did you change the following setlist:

The Medley has been played as one Song!
What kind of Song should 'Sho' be?
Was that just a mistake made by you?
If so, please, correct this!

Mods can do an en masse change and I will ask them to do so for "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".

Dear Chappers2306,
you made an Info-tag at the following setlist:

I think "Dance to the Music" should not be a song in the setlist, but only a snippet. E.g. at the Uniondale concert one week later in the middle of "If you love sb..." Sting started to sing the line "Dance to the Music" several times at 1:24:14, before returning to "If you love sb..." latest at 1:25:45.
Don't know whether this is a cover (Sly and the Family Stone), but is only those four words, not the full song.

The guidelines say for such cases:
"If the snippet is an intro for another song, appears in the middle or is used to finish the song, then the snippet should not be added as song for itself. An @Info should be added to the main song (e.g. The Remedy (I Won't Worry) @Info[With "Wonderwall" snippet by Oasis)."

Best regards,

There's hot much i can do about Jamie Callum. Much of his songs are medleys and there's nothing i can do with these. I'm however working on the rest. I'll probably manage to get rid of INTERLUDE which consists entirely of covers.

Stop changing the song C.F. (Interlude) song on the Amber Run show in Nottingham to CF (Interlude). That is not the correct name for the song title. You are trying add setlist edits to your account by slightly changing song names.

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