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pieniek63 21 Aug 2011, 21:39 UTC

Nice that you're adding Zappa's sets. But can you give the source under setlists?

pieniek63 21 Aug 2011, 21:40 UTC

PS Maybe you don't know this site:

gabrieldck 22 Aug 2011, 12:39 UTC

I don't speak english but

The source is here:

gabrieldck 22 Aug 2011, 12:57 UTC


About Frank Zappa

Can you fix the relation Songs/Albums?
It's completely wrong.

I don't know if I spoke correctly, but I think you understand... (using Google Translator...)



pieniek63 22 Aug 2011, 19:24 UTC

Unfortunately, I can't change them now as something is broken. But I will do it as soon as it will be fixed.

DrBBalls 26 Apr 2015, 18:58 UTC

Hi, I'm looking for tapers who might have recorded the band The Police. Did you record this band ? If so, please contact me :
Tons of recordings available. Thanks a lot in advance. Dr

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