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Hi pomes27,
sure thing. not a problem in regards to State Theatre, Saint Petersburg.
It should be noted, however, that a multitude of set lists are floating out there
were moderators have removed (or reverted) the word "Tour" to eliminate redundancies.
Take Care, Dr. AL-

hello Pomes. I just noticed there are two entries made for London Music Hall, London, ON, Canada. Can you delete or merge the one with only four pages to the 32 page one. thank you

For the artist Graham Parker, how do we put all of his records under just his name instead of various bands that have backed him (The Rumour, The Figgs, The Shot, etc..) there has to be a way. For instance, Springsteen has all of his under his name. If you look at one of his setlists, certain songs are not listed as "Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Cover". I would like to have all of Graham's records under his name so the stats are all there. Know what I mean?

Could you please change the name of this venue to ''Pla├ža de Sant Roc'' ?


could you please help me remember the 1 or 2 song I am forgetting from this setlist http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/kurt-vile/2013/waterfront-park-louisville-ky-53f6ab01.html

Could you please rename this festival to ''Festa Major de Sabadell'


Hi. This 'Shura' (from Russia) has been mistakenly recognised as another 'Shura,' who is from the UK. After checking, I believe all the setlists inside the Russian singers' page should belong to the artist from the UK.

Could you move all setlists from this page ( http://www.setlist.fm/setlists/shura-3d04daf.html ) - to this page ( http://www.setlist.fm/setlists/shura-7bdaaaa0.html )?

Also, is it possible to label 'Russian singer' (or something similar) to the singer from Russia, like how they labeled 'Shura' from the UK as 'UK pop singer'? I believe this can greatly reduce the chance of confusion in the future days.


Glad to help with the Bluesfest entries. These are the only ones I am sure of. I did most them. Someone else jumped in and took over on 2 of the days. They might have missed someone. Not sure.
Welcome to Country on April 13. (not sure if this is even a band)
Lucy Gallant on April 13.
Experience Jimi Hendrix on April 16.
Lucy Gallant on April 17.
Ray Beadle & The Silver Dollars - (Ray came up @Info for full title) - [multiple nights]
Glenn Cardier and the Sideshow - (Glenn came up @Info for full title) - [multiple nights]
Nic Cester & The Milano Elettrica - (Nic came up @Info for full title) - [multiple nights]

When you get a spare minute, could you add the song "Formaldehyde" to the album Ready, Steady, Stoned on the figgs page? Thanks man...

Hi Pomes - sorry to be a pain, but we currently have 'University of New England, Armidale' and 'Armidale University' listed as two separate venues. They are one and the same, so these gigs should be consolidated. It'd be more accurate to list them all as University of New England, Armidale. Cheers!

Any idea how long the TJ Max ad will be in the middle of every setlist?

Re: Japanese Venue
Hi pomes27, Thank you for your quick correction with my failures. :)

Re: Japanese Venue
Hello pomes27,
Sorry, it took long time to respond. Thank you for your nice arrangements with Japanese venues. They are beyond my expectations.
Sorry, I have provided you with wrong info about open/close year of Tokyo(-To) Taiikukan.
"Tokyo-To Taiikukan" was closed in 1986. After complete scrap and build, it renamed as
"Tokyo Taiikukan" and reopened in 1990. Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi pomes27,
I have a doubt regarding the following song:
The Song was written in 1793. Cecilia Bartoli was born in 1966. My late father owned a recording of the song of the 1950th. So I think the cover assignment is wrong.
"The authorship of the popular arietta "Caro mio ben" (1783) is as yet uncertain. It is mostly ascribed to Tommaso Giordani, but sometimes to his father or to the younger [brother] Giuseppe Giordani." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommaso_Giordani). Should the song nevertheless be assigned to Tommaso instead?

I think so. It only looks like one show was performed.

I looked up that March 27, 2013 Bonnie Raitt show on her website, this is what was listed.


pomes27, a moderator on setlist.fm, isn't sure about a setlist you edited.
Please provide a source to the setlist by leaving a comment there containing a link to a source or an explanation where you got the information from (e.g. if you were there yourself).

The setlist concerned is:
"Men at Work Setlist Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA, USA 1983, Cargo"

And here's the link to the setlist:

This show listed in a blog posting that documents all of the shows that promoter Bill Graham produced:


Search for Men at Work


Thank you! :D

Hey there! Could you do me a favor? I noticed on this Nirvana setlist that, according to the Nirvana Live Guide, that a few songs are missing on this setlist and that a few songs are also in the wrong spot. Could you unlock the setlist so I can correct all this, please? Thank you!


The source I'm basing my edit on. It's the first setlist on the page.