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Thanks. I get a new computer Thursday so I might be doing some of those other things now


I have a weak back, so can't carry heavy loads around as a roadie :)


great website for your Australian groups

Western House Studios renamed as Wogan House Studios on november 16

Western House Studios open 2006 (i don't know a date) end 15 november 2016
Wogan House Studios open 16 november 2016

sorry if I confused you

Hey Pomes

can you delete the artist Sirens and sailors? its a duplicate and wrong spelling for Sirens & Sailors

Sorry for the delay. Both artists/albums should now be available.

Hi Pomes,

I have been researching the couple of Midnight Oil concerts I have attended and I have found conflicting info.
Found this site which shows posters and tickets... midnightoilfanpage.blogspot.com.au

I tried to edit, but it stated there are duplicate dates which need to be fixed...
Mar 28 1991 - Sidney Myer Music Bowl (duplicate on Mar 31 1991)
Mar 31 1990 - The Spit Gold Coast (Should be 1991)
May 31 1981 - Central Coast Leagues (DELETE - Poster shows they were in UK, other website is incorrect)

I found one of my old tickets for the Oils stating with "Spy vs Spy" somewhere on the Central Coast NSW 1982-1989 - I can't match this, do you have any ideas?

Thanks heaps,


Damn, one more thing I noticed. The song "Being On Donahue" should be assigned to the Album "Ginger". I think whoever entered it into that database, put it in as Donahue. Thanks a million.....

No problem. Yes all good, thanks!

Yes, these songs in the last two messages should be assigned to Low Fi At Society High, not Ginger & Ready Steady Stoned. Thanks

Also, these songs that are currently in Ready Steady Stoned should also be assigned to Lo Fi At Society High.
Favorite Shirt
Chevy Nova
Jump Start

Thanks for doing that. One correction... Wasted Pretty shoulbe assigned to LoFi At Society High, not Ginger. Thanks again.

Someone added the first 2 Figgs records "Ginger" & "Ready, Steady, Stoned". Can you add these but without the duplicate songs that are on later albums (where they should stay). The duplicate songs which should be left off these and left on "Low Fi At Society High"
Wasted Pretty
Cherry Blow Pop
Stood Up!

Make sense? Ha!

Hi, I just noticed that you changed "Por una cabeza" by Carlos Gardel to "Por una Cabeza".
Please realize that Spanish titled songs are capitalized differently. When in doubt consult Musicbrainz or the Spanish version of Wikipedia which in most cases will be correct.
Here is the Spanish Wikipedia article for "Por una cabeza":