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Hi pomes27,
I have a doubt regarding the following song:
The Song was written in 1793. Cecilia Bartoli was born in 1966. My late father owned a recording of the song of the 1950th. So I think the cover assignment is wrong.
"The authorship of the popular arietta "Caro mio ben" (1783) is as yet uncertain. It is mostly ascribed to Tommaso Giordani, but sometimes to his father or to the younger [brother] Giuseppe Giordani." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommaso_Giordani). Should the song nevertheless be assigned to Tommaso instead?

I think so. It only looks like one show was performed.

I looked up that March 27, 2013 Bonnie Raitt show on her website, this is what was listed.


pomes27, a moderator on setlist.fm, isn't sure about a setlist you edited.
Please provide a source to the setlist by leaving a comment there containing a link to a source or an explanation where you got the information from (e.g. if you were there yourself).

The setlist concerned is:
"Men at Work Setlist Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA, USA 1983, Cargo"

And here's the link to the setlist:

This show listed in a blog posting that documents all of the shows that promoter Bill Graham produced:


Search for Men at Work


Thank you! :D

Hey there! Could you do me a favor? I noticed on this Nirvana setlist that, according to the Nirvana Live Guide, that a few songs are missing on this setlist and that a few songs are also in the wrong spot. Could you unlock the setlist so I can correct all this, please? Thank you!


The source I'm basing my edit on. It's the first setlist on the page.

Is there a reason why Erika Spring singing "Take Me With u" by Prince can no longer be found? If any one can assist would be very helpful thanks.

Any reason you added Bob Evans to the info for two songs on Ratcat's setlist from Scarborough 30th November? Bob Evans is the name used by Kevin Mitchell when performing his solo material. Given it was Jebediah that performed at this concert and not "Bob Evans", would it not be more accurate to stick with the original Info of "with Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah on vocals"?

There's an option to block or something the f***ing spammers in the setlists? I'm starting to lose my patience with them. Like @jarrettryyy, and so many others.

Thanks. I get a new computer Thursday so I might be doing some of those other things now


I have a weak back, so can't carry heavy loads around as a roadie :)


great website for your Australian groups

Western House Studios renamed as Wogan House Studios on november 16

Western House Studios open 2006 (i don't know a date) end 15 november 2016
Wogan House Studios open 16 november 2016

sorry if I confused you

Hey Pomes

can you delete the artist Sirens and sailors? its a duplicate and wrong spelling for Sirens & Sailors

Sorry for the delay. Both artists/albums should now be available.

Hi Pomes,

I have been researching the couple of Midnight Oil concerts I have attended and I have found conflicting info.
Found this site which shows posters and tickets... midnightoilfanpage.blogspot.com.au

I tried to edit, but it stated there are duplicate dates which need to be fixed...
Mar 28 1991 - Sidney Myer Music Bowl (duplicate on Mar 31 1991)
Mar 31 1990 - The Spit Gold Coast (Should be 1991)
May 31 1981 - Central Coast Leagues (DELETE - Poster shows they were in UK, other website is incorrect)

I found one of my old tickets for the Oils stating with "Spy vs Spy" somewhere on the Central Coast NSW 1982-1989 - I can't match this, do you have any ideas?

Thanks heaps,