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Thanks Tom. The May 10 Arizona Republic says that Ronstadt played her last gig with the Stone Poneys on May 8 in Tucson. I have seen other articles that said the same basic thing in later publications so I believe it. The group probably appeared without her if they played. Unless you object I think I will change the name to just The Stone Poneys which is what they were called for most of their gigs anyway. They only used Linda Ronstadt and The Stone Poneys for a relatively short period of time.
The Marco Polo Lounge is at the Vancouver airport and wasn't there in 1968. I will try to dig up if it the venue in town was called the Marco Polo Restaurant then or Marco Polo Nightclub before I change the setlist.

Hi Tom,
When you get a chance could you look at the Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys Jun 20-29 in Vancouver, BC. I can't find the Billboard magazine from July on the link that you provided. I believe Ronstadt stopped performing with the group in May. Let me know what you find. The venue isn't quite right either I don't think.

Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :)
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

I realise that some of these aren't so useful for the type of edits you've been performed in the past, but I hope that the promotion can be of some help!

Hi Tom,
I don't know if you are still interested in setlists for the Ink Spots but I have one for 1935 that I don't know how to enter. The Oct 5 New York Post says "And Red Norvo and his "Swing-Octette" are now featured at the Famous Door in addition to The Four Ink Spots" so they probably had a long-term engagement. The band's history link that you and Executive Chimp provided on their setlists says they were doing radio shows in New York at the time so this would fit that timeline.
Hope you are doing well,
ps--I added a single setlist at that venue in Dec 1939 for another engagement of theirs that I can't find exact dates for. I think they played at least two weeks.

I changed the date for the Elton John Playboy Club appearance and put the information in the comments section. The Sep 11-12 Philly dates are apparently correct. I am starting to think the Sep 8 SF gig never happened but I have to do some more digging.

There really isn't very much else of interest in the review. For such a relatively short article he spends an inordinate amount of space describing Nigel Olsson's outfit and praising his performance. But he admits that he wasn't that familiar with Elton John and it looks like the article may have been cut and/or poorly edited. No real descriptions of songs except to say they started a song a capella and that is where it looks like there was an edit. If I think there is anything worth mentioning I will put it in the Sep 1 comments and notify you.

I'm in a rush so of course I screwed up. I wrote a message to you but put it on my page not yours so you should go there to see it.

Hey Tom,
I just dug up some Elton shows at a club in San Francisco that I never knew existed. They are Sep 1-6, 1970 and I found ads and a review. You might know about them but we didn't have them listed so I thought you'd like to know if you didn't.

On my above comment, if you're being exact then "Captain Bobby Stout" (and "Martha's Madman" as well) should be covers of the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood, not of Kindred. Lane Tietgen, the guy who wrote both songs, had been in the JH Brotherhood before.

All that is listed is "It's All Over" and I was thinking the same thing. That makes the most sense but it could have been a different song. I think I am going to change it to @Unknown with Listed as "It's All Over" in the brackets.

Procol Harum's Gary Brooker announced the song with that title

Articles in Buffalo newspapers say that the Apr 4 appearance was cancelled due to illness. There are also articles saying that he will play two shows on Jun 14 but there are no reviews. Not every concert was reviewed in 1971 and a second cancellation would almost certainly have been noted so in opinion the Jun 14 shows were probably played but I can't confirm it.

It doesn't have any confirmation of that show. A later issue lists a June 14 Kleinhans show. The Ithacan is a college newspaper. They seldom had reviews of regional concerts and wouldn't necessarily note a cancellation unless it was an on-campus or Ithaca event. There are other sites where I might find this info but they are not easy to search. I will check them out tonight or tomorrow and let you know what find.

Hi Tom,
I don't know if you are interested at all in cancelled Elton John shows but I have a couple for you. On Apr 3, 1971 he was scheduled to appear at Franklin & Marshall College but the Apr 2 school newspaper said he pulled out because he was sick. And the Mar 26 Ithacan lists him as playing Kleinhans Hall, Buffalo, NY on Apr 4. You might not be interested or might already know this but I thought I would pass it along anyway.

No problem. Glad to help. :)

There's actually no way to change a date to before 1936. The show has to go in with the correct date to begin with. Here's how to add a show from before 1936:

Click on 'add setlist'.
At the top the address should say:
Next to that type: ?date= and then whatever date you want to use.
Make sure it's year-month-day.
For example for your Big Joe Williams show it should be Dec. 17th 1932. So for the web address you would type and then press enter. The page will reload with that date put in.

Once the right date is put in a moderator will need to merge/delete the other one... Any interest in being a moderator? If so send a message.

They very well could. I didn't realize how many shows they had when I started... and I've only been adding one show per date. I'm pretty sure at the residencies they did at least 3 shows per night!

I forgot to tell you that there are at least two venues named Beacon Theatre. The more famous one is in New York City. The other one is in Beacon, NY, about an hour's drive from NYC. I would think that any show you see labelled Beacon Theatre or Beacon Theater, New York refers to the New York City venue.

Thanks for trying to make me feel better. But it still isn't very smart on my part.

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