Backstage Halle Munich Concert Setlists

City Munich, Bavaria, Germany

One of four main performance spaces within the Backstage complex. The other spaces are the Arena, Club and Werk.

Mar 23 2017

Axxis at Backstage Halle, Munich, Germany

  1. Heavy Metal Brother
  2. Tales of Glory Island
  3. Burn! Burn! Burn!
  4. Somebody Died at the Party
  5. Stay Don't Leave Me
  6. Lady Moon
  7. Hall of Fame
  8. Bass & Drum Solo
  9. Trash in Tibet
  10. Queen of the Wind
  11. Kings Made of Steel / Ships Are Sailing / Touch the Rainbow
  12. Heavy Rain
  13. ...
Mar 16 2017

Melechesh at Backstage Halle, Munich, Germany

  1. The Pendulum Speaks
  2. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
  3. Ladders to Sumeria
  4. Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
  5. Deluge of Delusional Dreams
  6. Multiple Truths
  7. Defeating the Giants
  8. Triangular Tattvic Fire
  9. Rebirth of the Nemesis: Enuma Elish Rewritten

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