Donalds Wohnzimmer Mudenbach Concert Setlists

City Mudenbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Mar 15 2014

Schachbrett at Donalds Wohnzimmer, Mudenbach, Germany

  1. Feiern (Unplugged)
  2. Unrockbar (Unplugged)
  3. Eintagsfliege (Unplugged)
  4. Menschen (Unplugged)
  5. DuckTales (Unplugged)
  6. Darkwing Duck (Unplugged)
  7. Käpt'n Balu (Unplugged)
  8. Chip & Chap (Unplugged)
  9. Gummibären (Unplugged)
  10. Freak Show (Unplugged)
  11. Tetris (Unplugged)
  12. Das Puppenspiel (Unplugged)
  13. ...

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