House of Blues Cleveland Concert Setlists

City Cleveland, OH, United States

308 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

Opened 2004
Mar 1 2017

The Menzingers at House of Blues, Cleveland, OH, USA

  1. Tellin' Lies
  2. I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
  3. Nice Things
  4. The Obituaries
  5. Thick as Thieves
  6. Good Things
  7. Burn After Writing
  8. Bad Catholics
  9. Time Tables
  10. Rodent
  11. My Friend Kyle
  12. ...
Feb 26 2017

Cattle Decapitation at House of Blues, Cleveland, OH, USA

  1. Manufactured Extinct
  2. The Prophets of Loss
  3. Your Disposal
  4. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)
  5. We Are Horrible People
  6. Circo Inhumanitas
  7. Apex Blasphemy
  8. Forced Gender Reassignment
  9. Pacific Grim
  10. Kingdom of Tyrants

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