Red Studios Los Angeles Concert Setlists

City Los Angeles, CA, United States
Mar 3 2017

Korn at Red Studios, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  1. Right Now
  2. Here to Stay
  3. Rotting in Vain
  4. Coming Undone
  5. Insane
  6. Make Me Bad
  7. Shoots and Ladders
  8. Blind
  9. Twist
  10. Black Is the Soul
  11. Falling Away From Me
  12. Freak on a Leash
Apr 18 2016

Cheap Trick at Red Studios, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  1. Heart on the Line
  2. Hello There
  3. Big Eyes
  4. California Man
  5. On Top of the World
  6. Ain't That a Shame
  7. I'm Waiting for the Man
  8. Stiff Competition
  9. When I Wake Up Tomorrow
  10. Borderline
  11. No Direction Home
  12. I Want You to Want Me
  13. ...

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