Six D.O.G.S Athens Concert Setlists

City Athens, Greece
Jun 4 2016

Void Droid at Six D.O.G.S, Athens, Greece

  1. Terrestrial
  2. Flying Jesus
  3. Mokujin
  4. Jack in the Box
  5. Little Droid's Blues
  6. Chameleon White
  7. Martian Architect
  8. Kua Fu
  9. The Watermaker
  10. Super Ego Villain
  11. Praying Mantis
  12. Stray Dog Rolly
Apr 22 2016

REVISION at Six D.O.G.S, Athens, Greece

  1. Empty
  2. Faith In Me
  3. Evil
  4. I Should Have Known
  5. Find Your Smile
  6. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
  7. One Night Dance
  8. Who Can Tell?
  9. Run
  10. Thursday's Night Poem
  11. I'm Falling

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