Good Newspaper/Magazine archives

Good Newspaper/Magazine archives

Posted 4 May 2018, 20:59:15

I've been looking for a good newspaper/magazine archive to use to research Judas Priest setlists, but most are paywalled. Any good free ones?

Re: Good Newspaper/Magazine archives

Posted 7 Aug 2018, 11:15:18

Try to look for information on the old websites through the web archive service.
You visit all websites which to you found. You look for the interesting date, and you see the page with content for this period. There are no many pages in the index of Google for a long time.
I looked for so different information of do my assignment earlier. It was necessary to write the essay to the musical university, and it was necessary to find unique information on band.
To web archive me then helped to find 4 old websites with interesting information.

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