Moderator Abuse of Power

Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 6 Jan 2019, 6:50:00

Some people have been very rude and power hungry recently, not sure what the deal is but i really don’t like it.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 7 Jan 2019, 14:32:03

Sad to hear. Can you provide examples?

Also reporting legitimate setlists for deletion doesn't help in this case.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 24 Jan 2019, 19:27:29

If you read the messages he has left they are very rude and unnecessary, I have also received contact from several other members who complained of similar things, those messages are also on this page. As far as asking to have legitimate setlists deleted the one setlist possible in question he made a big deal about me requesting it to be deleted, when another moderator noticed it they questioned why i was deleting it and i told them the reason behind it and they agreed with me. I even tried to defuse the situation by agreeing to be more conscious about posting sources however he continued to accuse me of not using sources which i did not do for two very recent shows, however every other shows I added for said artist had sources linked to that respective artists website. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble or banned i'm just upset that I am singled out along with others when we don't agree with his opinion. it's borderline cyber bullying and i felt everyone should be made aware of it.

Thank You

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 25 Jan 2019, 7:34:54

Sometimes messages that seem rude aren't meant that way. This is especially true on the internet when you have no intonation and you can't see the face of the other person. Also bear in mind that a lot of the moderators have English as their second or third language, so what seems to come across harsh is just a way of conveying the point. I can assure you that the moderators' messages are matter-of-factly and not targeted to harass people. I'm sure you understand that they're having a closer eye on users that have a history of adding wrong setlists or generally confusing edits without a source.
Please read the messages again and put yourself into his position. Even the response after you called him pathetic is based on the facts and not rude at all.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 28 Jan 2019, 14:06:41

I'm not trying to be rude but maybe you should read the was he speaks to other members here. Here is an example:

I don't think he should be a moderator, I appreciate what he does but it's honestly to extreme. Whatever the outcome is I'm going to do my best to ignore him, I simply don't want him talking or messaging me.If there is a pressing enough issue I would enjoy a different moderator contacting me, that's all I ask.

Thank You

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 9 Feb 2019, 20:08:08

Re: Spam / troll user
Posted 20 Jan 2019, 16:28
Dirkvandamme has continuesly been harassing me with rude and bullying comments accusing me of things for no reason. Whatever his issue may be he is an absolute joke and should not be a moderator on this site. Several other avid posters would im sure agree with me.

I've been a victim of Dirkvandamme myself. He had remove my roadie privilege and thanks to him, i barely come anymore.

So was

I think Dirk actually edited this message. My first message mentioned Otis82 but it was cut.

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Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 11 Feb 2019, 7:53:07

I think Dirk actually edited this message. My first message mentioned Otis82 but it was cut.

Just for the record: this is not true.

Also, removing the roadie privilege wasn't the call of one single moderator. As explained multiple times, the reason was that PhilippeLandry repeatedly ignored guidelines and insulted other users and moderators.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 13 Feb 2019, 4:25:03

The only moderator i insulted is Dirk and that was because he had a grudge against me. He also made some mistake that were the worst mistakes i had ever seen. These mistakes would have justify a permanent ban forever.

I had a grudge against another moderator in another forum a long time ago. Everyday left quickly after i was banned and that forum is pretty much dead. Only the moderator remains, he stays there, talking a whole lot but there's nobody to listen.

The forum drove his wife (and children) away. For all the people that used to go there, the wife (and the children) drove the forum away. He's too stupid to make the same decision that everybody else took.

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Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 20 Feb 2019, 17:25:38

A while back, Dirk used his power to edit the capitalization on song titles to more “proper” capitalization. Examples: (He has edited every single Travis Scott setlist.) (Look in the editing history.)
This actually goes completely against musicbrainz's guidelines on Artist Intent.
Scarlxrd is known for his use of intentionally unorthodox capitalization in his song titles. (“dx dead pexple dream?”, “BXILING PXINT“, “we waste time FADED“, etc.). I have managed to revert all of Dirk's edits to Scarlxrd's setlists, however.
Travis Scott is a lot harder to edit, however, since he has so many setlists. Dirk went through Travis Scott's entire setlist history and edited the song titles. All songs from Travis Scott's album “ASTROWORLD“ are intentionally stylized in all-caps (“STARGAZING“, “CAROUSEL“, “SICKO MODE“, etc.), and all songs from “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” are intentionally stylized in all-lowercase (“the ends”, “way back”, “coordinate”, etc.)
Disregarding an artist's stylistic choices and editing the titles to what Dirk sees as more “proper” is an extreme violation of musicbrainz's Artist Intent guidelines. I left a comment on Dirk's profile in October of last year, but he has yet to reply.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 21 Feb 2019, 6:52:31

Moderators have the ability to batch edit songs, if you encounter an error then please post it to the Problems with songs topic in the Website Support forum.

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Posted 31 Mar 2019, 22:07:56

With regards to user PhilippeLandry, I would like to testify that he has personally attacked me and my edits over the years. He continuously reverted and messed with hundreds of my edits. I also received hatemail from him (my username/company/email are well advertised all over the web). I've spoken to several moderators about him over the years and it is my understanding that he is a well-known trouble-maker on Setlist. He also has political leanings (francophone Quebecer separatist) that's been imposing his francophone views on many bands, venues and set lists on this website, regardless of general rules. His Roadie privilege was once stricken from his account and it's been a much nicer place since then. I can't believe that he's back here complaining about the same old thing once again.

Re: Moderator Lack of use of power

Posted 20 Apr 2019, 14:24:51

Hi Y'all,
Thought the page a neat place…then without provocation phillippelaundry appeared. I'm moving on. Too much drama in what looked like a fun place to visit. I wish you well and a happy Easter. Ya really ought to ban that guys IP address for good from what I see.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 23 Apr 2019, 8:15:14

Thought the page a neat place…

It usually is!

…then without provocation phillippelaundry appeared

The good news is that both of you want a correct setlist, so there's the option to discuss it.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 23 Apr 2019, 18:33:52

Because this topic and the original post address Moderator decisions I thought I would add a comment about the setlist in question which is this one:

The setlist was created by a new User who was an attendee and apparently was part of the performance. It was reverted by a long-time User who made assertions without providing any source or detailed explanation for his reasons for believing that his opinions were facts. When I saw the the setlist my initial response was to revert the reversion to show what the attendee had originally listed as the songs played. However the songs were incorrectly entered and did not follow the rules as clearly explained in the Guidelines. It is doubtful that the new User ever read the Guidelines. That happens a lot. Normally I would have posted on the User's profile to read the Guidelines before making any more edits and suggest that he reenter his setlist for the show correctly if he wanted to do so. However, in a separate forum entry he said he was moving on from using this website so I didn't bother. I did not correct the original setlist as I personally had no source for doing so and it would have implied that I did. And a different User had questioned the accuracy of the setlist. In my opinion this is not really an issue of a Moderator “dropping the ball” but rather a confirmation that Users should read the Guidelines and follow them as both Users in question clearly did not. As stated above though, both Users were trying to get an accurate setlist and eventually we should be able to get there.

Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 19 May 2019, 0:29:44

That setlist was only a copy/paste of the album from wikipedia. He hadn't even cut out the number in front of the song not even the length of each song. Had he done it, i probably wouldn't have noticed.

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