Moderator Abuse of Power

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Posted 25 Sep 2020, 16:57:56

another examples: (see the dates of the posts, 10 and 15 august….) (see his request and the date)

when I politely reply to him on his wall, he rudely replies that I have to write on the forum, when I write on the forum he does not answer, then he posts indelible answers on my wall and deletes the setlists for no reason

yet another example (this is a gem, but there are many others):

Medley Broken/ Labirynth/ Cure me/ No hero
Broken / Labyrinth / Cure Me / No Hero

etc., etc.

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Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 28 Sep 2020, 9:04:48

Let's solve this issue here once and for all. dirkvandamme should join the discussion here in this very topic.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to put the source problem differently, maybe it makes sense to you then:

For example this edit where you changed the cover artist of the song “Pigliate 'na pastiglia”. Your source comment was “Renato Carosone cover”. That's not a good edit comment. We can see what you've changed, not why you've changed it. A better edit comment would have been to provide a link to a source that states why it's a “Renato Carosone” cover and not a “Renato Carosone ed il suo Sistetto” song.

Please see the guidelines on sources and the FAQ on sources for more details.

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Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 28 Sep 2020, 11:13:49

Especially in my two latest post on the profile page I made clear that his sources are not valid. (Already asked on Feb 22, and possibly before)
Even after those two remarks, he continued ignoring my remarks. So I'd like to return the question, is the user abusing our faith and guidelines?
To be honest I don't follow all forums (my name is not Argus and I'm certainly not a God), so I don't know where Savonarolla posted his remarks against me. The remarks are indelible so a third person can see what one has written and how. (See also my post May 31st about deleting messages)
It seems the only thing to have you react or complain is act severely, and then you wonder why your setlists are deleted without any reason. If you would have followed the guidelines this would not have happened.
Can you give me an exemple of where I write rudely?
To be honest when I appointed Savonarolla to roadie it was by mistake (just like at one moment the newly South American moderator appointed another user also to roadie. Before I could undo this he already remarked his promotion and I didn't dare to undo this. After he deleted lots of messages (which he was able to do as a roadie) and I asked him not to do this, which he ignored also, I degraded him to user.
Also the fact that Savonarolla created a second user name long ago to avoid some problems or make his arguments stronger doesn't help to build faith.
Savonarolla may have good knowledge about certain things, but this website is a community, where it's better to share information with others so they may learn something from the information given.

E.g. when I change the way of writing of English or other languages I put the link instead of writing capitalisation. When one sees why it is changed the user may remember when in future he writes a new songtitle, so they don't have to be corrected afterwards.

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Re: Moderator Abuse of Power

Posted 29 Sep 2020, 11:33:27

Let's transpose the situation to some real world reality. Maybe you'll understand why I blocked you.
Since February one was gently asked when editing or adding a setlist to provide a source. Maybe it was not visible enough, but I told you several times. So you were driving through an orange traffic light.
Since about one month it's impossible to add or change something without a valuable source. I think I gave you on several setlists the link
Here is the information in the link
It is mandatory to add sources to all of your edits. Not only can your edit be verified for other users, it can also avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time.

Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer. For example “added a song” is not a valid source. Examples for valid sources are (among others):

Links to official websites (e.g. artists posting their setlists on their websites) Links to social media channels (e.g. fans posting images of the setlist) Links to setlist scans Links to videos of the concert “I was there” – if you were at the concert and remember the song being played

Adding enough dots like you did or just mentioning what you just did is not a valid source, like described above.
I asked you to add real sources on at least two occasions on your profile page. You neglected to follow this.
So you were driving through a red traffic light and were warned about it.

Would you drive through a red traffic light several times in real life? Don't think so, so we tool away your driving license here.

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