Status Quo's Rick Parfitt

Status Quo's Rick Parfitt

Posted 18 Nov 2017, 8:58:14

I and millions of discerning music critics rate and classify the late and dearly departed Rick Parfitt as the best and greatest rhythm guitarist to walk the planet.

Rick strung his guitar so heavily that the force and energy required to play it was immensely huge and intense.

Towards the end of his life and career with QUO it became very painful to play electric guitar, therefore QUO started to play acoustic concerts and released 2 acoustic albums one of which was a LIVE concert, both went TOP 5 in the UK.

If you only listen to one Status Quo song in your life then I recommend the LIVE album recorded at The Apollo Glasgow in late 1976 and the 16 1/2 minute version of FORTY FIVE HUNDRED TIMES.
Over the decades countless bands have stolen riffs created by Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi and the very handsome non-member Bob Young ( harmonica )

Apart from the legendary Rick Parfitt my favourite QUO member has always been ALAN LANCASTER ( Party Boys, The Bombers, The Brewster/Lancaster Band )

Rick Parfitt rest in peace, a beautiful soul and a true gentleman.

Re: Status Quo's Rick Parfitt

Posted 9 Jun 2019, 21:46:44

Totally agree. The worlds best. Listening to Rockers Rollin, the music radio show John and Gillie Coghlan do occasionally on BBC Oxford, the special for his death after the quovention at Minehead, Alan Lancaster stated that Just Take Me was Ricks best guitar work. Check it out on BBC Sounds

Re: Status Quo's Rick Parfitt

Posted 13 Jun 2019, 6:00:14

There is some very fast rhythmic action on JUST TAKE ME.
I value what Alan Lancaster says.
Good name for a Radio show.
Rockers Rollin' has always been a fave song of mine, track 6 on RAOTW album.
Swedish band The Sound of Status have done an awesome version.
I'm sure Rick would've loved it.
I hope he heard it in 2016 before his very sad passing.

Keep on sending messages :)

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