Went to a Garden Party and saw Blue Oyster Cult! (08.15.2017)

Went to a Garden Party and saw Blue Oyster Cult! (08.15.2017)

Posted 5 Sep 2017, 19:38:36

Have you ever wondered what one of those ‘corporate / private party' gigs is like for a band? Do they play a regular show? Is the show shorter or longer? What size places do they play? I recently had the opportunity to find out. I looked at the mighty BOC's touring web site recently and saw that they were playing such a gig on the 15th of August. After doing some investigative research with the help of a fellow BOC fan, we ascertained that the gig was at Navy Pier inside at a Gardening Convention. One could register and see if they could get in. We did so and were mailed passes to access the show. It was a three-day event, but BOC was the entertainment on the first night. Pics @

set list:

Red & the Black
Golden Age of Leather
Burnin' For You
Harvest Moon
ME 262
Last Days of May
True Confessions
Tattoo Vampire
(Don't Fear) the Reaper

Hot Rails to Hell
Cities on Flame

  • Joan Crawford and Shooting Shark were sound checked but not played.

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