concert etiquette

concert etiquette

Posted 13 Jul 2017, 22:28:53

I'm 63 and been going to concerts a very long time, something I noticed is that during a slow blues jam or acoustic set people start talking, what's up with that, saw Clapton recently at MSG and people were talking like they were at a bar and some bar band was playing, (nothing against bar bands, love bar bands) also people get up and start dancing, nothing against dancing, can't they do in the aisles. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Re: concert etiquette

Posted 14 Jul 2017, 6:13:21

That's an interesting topic!

Maybe I'm just getting old.

I don't think that it has anything got to do with age. From my experience it heavily depends on the crowd. If they are die hard fans of the artist, then they wouldn't dare start talking but rather enjoy the kind of sound they don't know from any record yet. I went to stadium concerts where 60,000 people went dead silent during a slow song. And then again I went to festival gigs where 300 people were talking and one could hardly hear what was going on on stage. As for Clapton – I could imagine that the name is big enough to be on the bucket list of a looooot of people that are interested in music, but don't necessarily know a whole lot about the artist and his back catalogue. They're basically there for Layla. But in the end, IMHO it all boils down to respect.

As for the dancing: I don't really know, I'm rarely at seated concerts. Mainly because there aren't many seated rock shows where I'm from :-)

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