Iko Iko

Iko Iko

Posted 10 Jun 2019, 22:53:07

I noticed on Grateful Dead and Dead and Company setlists Iko Iko is credited as a Dixie Cups cover. However the song was first recorded as “Jock a Mo” in 1953 on Checker Records 787.
The artist is either “Sugar Boy” or “Sugar Boy and the Cane Cutters”

You can hear it here, it's the same song:


Can this be corrected?


Re: Iko Iko

Posted 13 Jun 2019, 11:44:39

I would be happy to change all performances to “Sugar Boy and His Cane Cutters”. However, I am a bit apprehensive about calling all performances the song “Jock-A-Mo”. The song is so widely known as “Iko Iko” that it seems counter intuitive to universally call it “Jock-A-Mo” on our website.

A similar case is “Cross Road Blues” vs “Crossroads”. We call the song by its original title “Cross Road Blues” across the board here, even though it was popularised as “Crossroads”. I think that this is fine, because the original and new title are so closely related that a casual observer would surely realise they are the same song. Contrarily, I wouldn't expect anyone to easily see the correlation between “Jock-A-Mo” and “Iko Iko” – it would require constant moderation to keep song statistics clean in the future.

So, I see two options.

  • Iko Iko @Cover[Sugar Boy and his Cane Cutters]
  • Jock-A-Mo @Info[Iko Iko] @Cover[Sugar Boy and his Cane Cutters]

The first option would go against the setlist.fm guidelines, but I think perhaps that this is a rare case where we should make an exception. Which would you prefer?

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Re: Iko Iko

Posted 13 Jun 2019, 17:39:34

Thanks for the reply. I think the song is most generally know as Iko Iko (or sometimes Aiko, Aiko), so I think the first option is the best.

Iko Iko @Cover[Sugar Boy and his Cane Cutters]


Re: Iko Iko

Posted 13 Jun 2019, 19:11:15


I'll leave this forum topic open for a few days for others to weigh in, before I batch-edit the song performances.

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