Remove Set from Festival

Remove Set from Festival

Posted 2 Apr 2021, 20:58:42

Hey all,

This Gary Clark Jr show was a side show to the BottleRock Napa Festival and not part of the actual festival. I went to it and you had to buy a separate ticket.

Thanks a ton!

Re: Remove Set from Festival

Posted 6 Apr 2021, 6:36:38

Hi there,

just to confirm, before I mess with the festival dates :-) there weren't any BottleRock concerts at JaM Cellars Ballroom on May 24, 2019, right? So the Chevy Metal setlist on May 26, 2019 was the only one that was part of the festival for this venue? Or is this wrong too and JaM Cellars Ballroom wasn't a festival location at all?

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