Livestreamed Performance

Livestreamed Performance

Posted 13 Mar 2020, 19:29:00

Apologies if this has been answered already – I searched and found half of my answer but not the whole thing.

Code Orange had a show scheduled for tomorrow, March 14th, but the venue cancelled all upcoming shows due to COVID. However, the band is still going to play the show to an empty venue and livestream it in real time on Twitch. I know that typically shows with no audience are not allowed but wasn't sure if a real-time, virtual audience counted or not.


Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 13 Mar 2020, 21:42:12

I don't know that we've ever come to a true consensus on how to handle these shows. Generally shows that have been performed for a virtual audience are allowed as such that concerts streamed on services like StageIt, Concert Window, etc allow artists to sell tickets to these shows. So there are paid viewers, just not necessarily in the same room. It's a bit of a grey area, but my own personal opinion is that they should be allowed (not all Moderators and Admin may agree).

If it's broadcast from an actual venue, I would just use that as the venue and put a note at the bottom indicating where the show was streamed to and because it was due to the outbreak. A show broadcast from someone's living room or basement would have the venue set to Private Venue in whatever city they are in.

Here's an example of a StageIt show from Glen Phillips who has done about 75 or so StageIt shows over the last 10 years or so and was doing them pretty regularly for while. Not so much lately.

Where it becomes a murkier grey area is when someone just sets up a camera in their bedroom and broadcasts to Youtube, etc with no audience watching. I've never watched anything on Twitch so I don't know if there's a paid option or a way for views to tip the artist. An unknown musician who was just recording a stream to no one in particular and then posts the set here, i'd say it probably shouldn't be posted. But to an actual audience, i'd be fine with it. Especially with established artists doing this as a way to reach out to their fans.

And really, this is actually a good topic to bring up again, because with everything shutting down due to the Coronavirus scare i've seen numerous artists talking about setting up live stream shows the last couple days so they can still perform for people and tips, and at least still make a little bit of a living even if they can't go out and play in clubs right now. I know if i watched any virtual shows to artists i'm a fan of, i'd want to post the setlist. It almost seems wrong not to, to me at least. But again, not everyone may agree.

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Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 14 Mar 2020, 16:32:36

I am of the mods who agree to add this kind of shows. I think this is still a live performance with a setlist of a crowd(virtually, but a crowd).

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Posted 20 Mar 2020, 2:14:12

This will continue to be an issue with the coronavirus causing many show cancellations. Many bands have opted to stay connected with the fans through virtual livestreamed shows. If the band is playing in a studio or other location not easily identified, how should it be classified in the database? Should it be “private venue”?

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Posted 20 Mar 2020, 7:02:16

Yes it should be “Private Venue”.

Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 22 Mar 2020, 21:03:03

Patti Smith has already done two small concerts live over Instagram……(and said she would be doing more)

I put them up using “Private Venue”

Just want to be sure these listings are OK…..or if they should be labelled differently.

Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 23 Mar 2020, 2:13:47

Private Venue is never “wrong” for these types of show. You can add detailed venue info in the Comments section or a short note with an @Info tag.

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Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 23 Mar 2020, 17:56:36

It's likely Patti's house/apartment. I'll add in the comments later.

I'm sure alot of artists are going to be doing concerts like this soon (if not already).

Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 23 Mar 2020, 19:17:00

Sorry about my above post. It should have said NEVER wrong not NEAR wrong. I had eye surgery recently but that shouldn't happen.

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Posted 26 Mar 2020, 22:28:34

As one of the bloggers for the news section on this site, we're covering a lot more livestreams given the current climate. I'm watching Amanda Palmer's right now on Twitch and I know (because of this forum) to put “Private Venue” and I know she's at an AirBnB in New Zealand, but nothing beyond that. She did mention Hastings. But for artists who are keeping location private, what to do for the info? Unknown Venue, Unknown City?

I also saw Ben Gibbard has his as “Computerworld, Seattle”

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Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 27 Mar 2020, 6:52:19

Hi Breesays,

I edited the Amanda Palmer setlist (thanks for adding it.Sadly, I miss it).

I just want to take the opportunity to explain the difference between Unknown Venue and Private Venue, because it is understandable that it is not clear.

An unknown venue it is a place with missing information. An old concert that there is no way to find where it was or someone who put a setlist and forgot the name of the place.

A private venue is a place that should not be disclosed because it falls into the privacy area of the artist. Maybe in our case publish a house name it is not that problematic. But over the internet this kind of topic is delicate.

Right now, due to quarantine, a lot of performances in private venues are appearing.

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Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 27 Mar 2020, 6:55:39

About Ben Gibbard, I have seen that he is performing on a daily basis in this place. I haven't seen any of them.

What is exactly this “Computerworld” place?. If it is a store, I think it's ok to name it, since in the end it is a public place. If not, well, we can discuss it.

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Re: Livestreamed Performance

Posted 27 Mar 2020, 7:17:35

But for artists who are keeping location private, what to do for the info? Unknown Venue, Unknown City?

Just to confirm, sicko's edit and explanation are correct. “Private Venue, Unknown City”. Thanks!

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