Titles of Taped Performances (Alice Cooper)

Titles of Taped Performances (Alice Cooper)

Posted 11 Jul 2019, 15:09:21

Tried searching the forums but no luck. Hope this is the correct section.

Specifically this is relating to Alice Cooper setlists.

This latest tour there's an intro with a spoken section declaring over ominous music that we are welcomed to the “Nightmare Castle”. (Youtube link of the performance)
Not knowing the piece I temporarily put that as the title, as seen on this setlist.

Thanks to a post on another forum I found out it's Night on Bald Mountain as heard on this youtube clip

Not much of the background music is used in the tape so which title should the performance go with? The “Nightmare Castle” title is not official except for some reason the offical facebook page posted an incomplete setlist which obviously must have been taken from this site where the title is used

To complicate things further, “Night on Bald Mountain” was used (in a different way) in shows during the seventies, eg. this one
and previous tours have had the same pattern with a spoken word section over background music, but then temporary titles have been used.(maybe due to me I guess?) Examples are here where they lifted part of the outro from Devil's Food, but almost no music was used: Vincent Price intro
and last tour when they remixed the piano melody from Steven so the intro was simply called according to the tour name Spend the Night intro
That last setlist was released officially but the intro is not separated from the following song on the cd so no title there.

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