where my gigs gone?

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 3 Dec 2018, 22:59:46

Seriously – any ideas? The two gigs above have disappeared off the website, does anyone know why this has happened? Who knows how many more may have gone…

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 3 Dec 2018, 23:59:06

Apparently we had to have set lists by The Damned deleted for legal reasons. That is all the information I know about it. Sorry about that.

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 4 Dec 2018, 8:36:09

Really? That sucks and kind of destroys the validity of creating a history of all the gigs I/we have been to. There's still loads of their sets on the website as well, so this really makes no sense.

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 4 Dec 2018, 15:40:59

I don't really understand it either but that is all I know about it. If I hear anything else I will let you know. You can try to add them again and see what happens.

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 4 Dec 2018, 19:13:27

So I tweeted Captain Sensible from the band and he sent this reply:


So the band have not asked for them to be removed.

What possible legal reason can there be for deleting setlists that are not opinion,, merely statements of fact? Someone must know the definitive answer, so why not share it? For me it destroys the integrity of this website, a site that I am a huge fan of and feel I have contributed loads to. Very disappointed, please provide us with an answer, otherwise how are we to trust the resource?

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 5 Dec 2018, 19:55:07

Is it that the website white rabbits (the definitive Damned Gigography by the looks of it) took exception to a number of entries from their published setlists and threatened to sue?

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Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 5 Dec 2018, 23:29:39

Yeah, several of those deleted Damned shows were actually posted by me. What gives someone the right to demand something I posted, attended, and know happened get removed?

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 6 Dec 2018, 0:43:31

I've sent an email to the White Rabbit website to see what's happening from their side. From what I gather so far a setlist mod got carried away and scraped a huge chunk of gigography and they quite understandably got upset about it. That website is the definitive damned setlist history, run by a fan, and it's not in their interest for a more commercial website to 'steal' the information they obviously put a lot of effort into capturing.

However if you posted the show and marked it as attended then I don't see why it was deleted.

If the setlist was scraped then clearing it would have been better than deletion but maybe that was harder to do.

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 6 Dec 2018, 1:18:13

It's BS that some Damned “fan site” would do that. That info doesn't just effect a tally someone has for seeing a band, but also all kinds of other things people use this site to tally (number of shows attended a year, number of times you've been to a venue, etc.).

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 6 Dec 2018, 8:28:36

Cheers guys, nice to know it's not just me who feels aggrieved. I don't understand why Setlist would capitulate to a fan site request. MattPrince please let us know what response you get from whiterabbits – a great Damned fan site I might add. Trashyashell – yeah for me my issue is the fact two Damned gigs I attended were removed and we all know the sets because they were the same every night of the tour!

Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 6 Dec 2018, 9:00:36


we understand you're upset. As already mentioned we had to delete the setlists because of legal reasons. It's ok to re-add them as long as you don't use copyrighted sources to do so.

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Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 6 Dec 2018, 12:34:19

Hi All,

I have had a response from the White Rabbit – it was the whole sale copying of years and years of meticulously collated setlists by a single moderator that caused the problem.

They have no problems with fans putting their own memories and research into setlist, but I'd suggest people don't just go and rip the setlist off of WR even when sorely tempted ( as I was for the '87 Exeter Uni gig, my first ever gig, my first ever moshpit, in a Garfield t-shirt and slip on casual shoes)

For what its worth I think Setlist did the right thing to remove these gigs (though perhaps the actual dates where users had marked attendance could have been left, and if they had a hand in the setlist then deletion def. sucks)

The absolute worst outcome (imho) would be that this fan stopped updating their site and a really awesome damned resource would disappear, that could easily have happened if Setlist had been more bullish (or indeed it could happen if people are heavy handed with Copy and Paste in the future…)

Personally I'm going to keep attending damned gigs until they or I achieve final damnation, and I'll put what I remember into setlist and cc a copy to the White Rabbit as a courtesy. If I find an old ticket stub for a gig not in setlist I will put it up, and if I remember songs or see utubes from the event then I will add them in, but I won't copy them in from WR.


Re: where my gigs gone?

Posted 6 Dec 2018, 17:29:50

If it was the band that wanted it gone, that's one thing. And I would think the band would want their tallies and travels to be on a site like this so people could see how hard working and consistent they are in touring compared to other acts.

But I still find it little of somebody to whine, yell “mine!!!” and get things removed like that. It's not just being able to get a tally of Damned shows that's effected since people also compare how many concerts (by all acts) they've seen in total, the amount of times they've been to a venue and who they've seen there, and so on.

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