403 Error - Forbidden

403 Error - Forbidden

Posted 19 Feb 2019, 21:29:58

I keep getting a 403 error and am not sure how to resolve it.
I've been trying to query the api using Postman. I have entered my api key in the header as x-api-key and am setting the Content-Type to application/json.

Thinking it was an error on my part using Postman, I've even tried using the Swagger interface and am getting the same error.

    • Edited to note I noticed the following in the response header:

“x-amzn-errortype”: “ForbiddenException”

Any help will be appreciated!
If you need more info from me, let me know… I'm fairly new to working with api's.


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Re: 403 Error - Forbidden

Posted 20 Feb 2019, 7:07:18

Any typo in your API key maybe? Just tried it with your key and a different key and it worked both times. I tried Swagger and also curl. This is the curl request that worked:

curl -X GET —header 'Accept: application/json' —header 'x-api-key: [your api key here]' 'https://api.setlist.fm/rest/1.0/artist/0bfba3d3-6a04-4779-bb0a-df07df5b0558'

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