API & Recent Tour Setlists

API & Recent Tour Setlists

Posted 6 Feb 2020, 3:16:07

Hello! Hope all is well. I'm ideally trying to use the API for an artist's most recent average setlist from their latest year's tour (e.g. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/average-setlist/metallica-3bd680c8.html?year=2019). Is this possible? I'm a bit stumped here.

If that's not possible, can the API be used for any other tour statistics?

If not, is there a next best use of the API/widget if I'm looking for the latest setlists from a given tour essentially (with the songs displayed)?

Many thanks in advance!

Re: API & Recent Tour Setlists

Posted 6 Feb 2020, 7:43:14

Hi there,

no, there's currently no way to get the average setlists through the API or by embedding them in a widget – sorry.

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