Confused by “API provided is your own choice”

Confused by “API provided is your own choice”

Posted 3 May 2021, 20:16:02

Hey guys,

So I’m working on a coding challenge where I have to create a Python library which validates and formats certain types of data. All of this is no issue, however at the end it says “the type of API this library provides is your own choice”.

Usually, I would have just submitted my library as a Python file and assumed the person checking it would just import it to another .py file to use/test it. However this last line has me confused. I don’t know much about APIs other than that I can use them for retrieving data and resources and the web. Does it sound like they want me to make this into some sort of back end web app? Or am I over-complicating it?

Thanks so much for the help!

Re: Confused by “API provided is your own choice”

Posted 4 May 2021, 6:12:56

Very hard to answer with just a snippet of text; they might be talking about formats (JSON, XML, …) maybe. But anyway, this forum is about the API. So, any concrete problems with that?

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