Forbidden 403, R Syntax

Forbidden 403, R Syntax

Posted 10 Jun 2019, 12:32:39

I try to get setlist data from a band but somehow I just get the error: “403 Forbidden”. I cannot figure out whether it's my faulty syntax or something's not working right with the API. Therefore I post my R syntax and hope for help:

#Load libraries


#Define objects

setlist.fm_key <- “YourSetlist.fmAPIKey”
mbid <- “66fc5bf8-daa4-4241-b378-9bc9077939d2″
base_url <- “”
end_point <- “/setlists?p=1″

setlist.fm_url <- paste0(base_url, mbid, end_point)

#Get data

json_data <- GET(url = setlist.fm_url,
add_headers(API_KEY = setlist.fm_key),


Re: Forbidden 403, R Syntax

Posted 11 Jun 2019, 7:55:18

I'm not into R, but please be sure that the header carrying the api key has the name x-api-key

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