ROSI Album "others" - SAD DANCE SONGS

ROSI Album "others" - SAD DANCE SONGS

Posted 12 Aug 2021, 6:06:04

Hi there,

we added some setlists of ROSI and after ten days the songs from the album SAD DANCE SONGS a still in the “others” status!

1 Preface#1 2 Forgotten World 3 Lippen 4 Complaints 5 Door 6 Walls 7 Fine Wine 8 Ordinary Room 9 Fences 10 Kadenz#1

Is there an automatic update?

Thank you for your support

Re: ROSI Album "others" - SAD DANCE SONGS

Posted 13 Aug 2021, 7:19:05

Please be patient a little longer. It takes some time (days or sometimes weeks) for new additions to musicbrainz to be available on

Next time please post it here: Website Support

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