Special Characters strikethrough?

Special Characters strikethrough?

Posted 3 Aug 2021, 1:51:41

@Michi – Is it possible to use a strikethrough? I tried typing it in a Tour name and it returned “Input contains illegal character “ “ with the strikethrough in between the quotes.

Trying to type:
25th(strikethrough) 26th Anniversary Tour

It shows correctly in this Text box and Preview but returns same illegal character warning when I try and Save Topic.

Is there a list/guide to what special characters work/aren't illegal? I did a forum search and looked in Guidelines/FAQs and didn't see (may have missed it). Thanks!

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Re: Special Characters strikethrough?

Posted 3 Aug 2021, 6:49:22

Generally, strikethrough is a formatting method like a bold or italic text, or a different font size. Such formatting is not possible for festival, artist, venue, tour, song titles etc. The only place where it's possible is this froum forum (see Forum Formatting Help).

As I understand, what you're trying to achieve is to use Unicode characters that resemble strikethrough characters to have some kind of pseudo formatting in a tour name. There it's likely that there are some illegal characters in it, as not all Unicode characters are allowed on setlist.fm. Most characters of most languages that are based on the Latin alphabet are allowed. Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended A-D are among the supported characters sets. There are some more supported, but the ones resembling strikethrough characters obviously are not…

Re: Special Characters strikethrough?

Posted 3 Aug 2021, 12:29:25

Thanks Michi. Good to have the list of what special characters can be used If officially in the name of something..
It’s in regards to the Foo Fighters 25th 26th Anniversary Tour. They also used just 26th Anniversary Tour (along with 25th 26th) in the press release so I went with that since strikethrough is a no go.

Can you share the list of Unicode Characters (emojis)that can be used in names / titles?

The new Coldplay album features them in a few song titles and which ones can be used here (vs. musicbrainz) came up on two setlists:

Like the Peace Symbol on purple square used in this Prince song title: Sign “☮” the Times


Re: Special Characters strikethrough?

Posted 3 Aug 2021, 12:41:08

Please generally avoid emojis and stuff like that. Rather use a descriptive latin-based title. But if not avoidable then some of the two-byte based symbols work. What currently doesn't work are e.g. Emoticons

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