Track link to video

Track link to video

Posted 19 Jul 2011, 23:55:30


Wanted to update some videos related to some artist songs in set lists… Can someone tell me how can we make a link from a song to a youtube video?

Thank you..

Re: Track link to video

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 6:54:15

Hi Kevin,

The video shown simply is the first search result from YouTube.

We often thought about setting videos ourselves though. Maybe you could you tell us why you'd link to change the videos? We'll consider your use case for future decisions on this topic.

Cheers, Stefan

Re: Track link to video

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 10:52:56

Hi Stefan

For example, concerning Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Essen 1982…
The first song, “Turkey Trot”… The video from that night is now on youtube:

I tought it might be cool to update the link…


Re: Track link to video

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 13:06:23

It would of course be great to link to videos of the actual show. That's why we thought about it more than once. We're quite afraid of abuse though (spam, revert wars on different videos, bad quality, …). So we'll have to take this one back to the drawing room first before we implement it. Anyway, thanks for your input. It's very well appreciated!


Re: Track link to video

Posted 14 Jul 2014, 19:07:28

What about songs that are incorrectly linked?

Re: Track link to video

Posted 30 Jul 2014, 19:29:21

Is there a way to fix videos that are incorrectly linked?

Re: Track link to video

Posted 29 Mar 2015, 0:10:28

As per enquiries 14/07/14 and 30/07/14; I wish to have the incorrect 'youtube' link removed from 28/03/15 T.Rextasy setlist track (Electric Boogie)

Re: Track link to video

Posted 15 Apr 2015, 18:50:49

I would like to be able to manually link to videos (You Tube and maybe other sites) that are actual performances of the Title by the Artist. In my case I do a lot of concert video, they are high quality and my video may be the best example of the song as performed at the actual show.

Please consider this option.

Thanks, Bob in Portland, OR.

Last edited 15 Apr 2015, 18:50:56

Re: Track link to video

Posted 22 Jul 2015, 9:52:18


Every change made is revisioned by an admin, right?
So a changed link shouldn't appear until the admin approves it or it will send a message that it need to be revisioned, right?

The Cannibal Corpse track 'The Wretched Spawn' link send me to the full The Wretched Spawn album so it's not good. And I saw that at other links too when the song and the album title is the same.

I registered to change the link but I couldn't and I dont see why if I can change some other things.

Thank You for the answer!


Last edited 22 Jul 2015, 9:58:57

Re: Track link to video

Posted 29 Dec 2015, 19:30:36

Is this still of interest? I am working on a database of concert videos. At this stage there are millions of positive matches (including several thousands for Frank Turner :)) and reasonable accuracy.

Last edited 29 Dec 2015, 19:31:10

Re: Track link to video

Posted 29 Dec 2015, 21:39:04

I am interested. You can see my videos on utube as mrtrips99.
I wish I could link my vids to their home (or close to) set lists.
Keep me posted…thanks

Re: Track link to video

Posted 20 Sep 2016, 2:14:07

An option to remove clearly wrong videos from setlists if there are no videos currently on youtube of a particular song would also be very much appreciated.

For example Wallis Bird played a lot of songs that aren't currently on youtube. Problem will solve itself in the coming months when the new album is out in this case though. But atm the linked videos are absurd.

Wrong video

Posted 20 Aug 2017, 6:01:04

In the setlist of Mystery

the video of The Scarlet Eye is wrong, how can I change it? Thanks.

Re: Track link to video

Posted 10 May 2018, 11:45:07

The link to the song The Scarlet Eye of Mystery is wrong at it goes from one set list to the other, please can someone help me fix this??

Re: Track link to video

Posted 1 May 2019, 19:57:16

There is also an incorrect YouTube link for the following band's track on their setlist.
Dead Can Dance setlist April 30, 2019

Track #15 on the setlist : Autumn Sun (Deleyaman cover) is linked to a wrong video.
Could an administrator please correct it.
The correct links found for the track are :

Thank you in advance,

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