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Posted 13 Jun 2019, 1:00:48

Can you please merge Lawrence Gowan and Gowan. They're the same person. Gowan added his first name, Lawrence, to his last 2 albums in the 90's, but obviously Lawrence Gowan and Gowan are the same person, but it's coming up in Gowan setlists that his own songs are cover songs originally done by Lawrence Gowan. Multiple songs from the same album even have half of them as Gowan songs and the other half as Lawrence Gowan songs, marking them as covers. Then it comes up the songs where performed by multiple artists because a few concerts are listed as Lawrence Gowan concerts instead of his most commonly used and I'd say official artist title “Gowan” (used from the beginning of his career and still used on all his concert billings today.) I'd like to change those 5 concerts billed as Lawrence Gowan concerts to Gowan, if that's possible (it puts most of the songs as Gowan covers for those concerts as well). (Fun Fact: he also made a joke about the addition of his first name to his albums with the album title “ . . . but you can call me Larry.”)

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Re: Problems with artists

Posted 14 Jun 2019, 1:09:31

3 bands with some issues


I added the E.E.T. EP to Musicbrainz on 1 June 19 and has not appeared in albums to pick from on this site.

The 2014 album Obzkure Anekdotez for Maniakal Massez was not appearing due to Cyrillic characters in the last album track. I was told to create a pseudo-release with a transliteration into Latin characters and i did that on 27 May, still hasn't appeared on the list of albums to pick from.

Acid Wolf:

Added both of the band's albums to Musicbrainz and neither has appeared on this site.


Added band to Musicbrainz on 27 May, has not appeared on this site yet.

Not sure why these wouldn't be appearing as its been 3 weeks since I updated them.

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