Problems with artists

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 8 Sep 2021, 22:23:50

I give you thanks for doing most of my Dubliners corrections but then the song is assigned to a stupid useless and i want to the original album, these corrections won't be done and some of the worst ones are like that

such as this one

i added a comma to the original spelling, they assigned it to even worse than the original origin which was bad enough.

I need these corrections to be done, i'm doing a whole sweep through (is that the word?) of the Dubliners and i need these songs out of the way.

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 9 Sep 2021, 2:33:43

Some song is assigned to a stupid useless compilation
i want to send it to the original album

What i want to say is that when the song is already assigned to something (most essentially a stupid useless compilation), it's very hard to have it sent to the right thing. It takes time and there's no way to find out what did we asked that was granted and what was refused or remains to be done.

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 11 Sep 2021, 2:31:05

There are two albums called The Dubliners but the songs already assigned to it are not on the one i’m talking about… however, assigning songs to album on which they’re not is common practice.

These are two songs that are currently assigned to stupid useless compilation, wasting space and keeping me from working on that particular band.

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Re: Problems with artists

Posted 11 Sep 2021, 2:33:25

That’s where

these three songs go

It doesn’t work for Blaze Bayley alone
nor for Blaze Bayley & Thomas Zwijsen together
nor for Thomas Zwijsen alone (all those that used to be assigned to him have been sent where they belong and weren't)

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 11 Sep 2021, 18:57:28

Can't correct this one, setlist is locked

It's just to change with to With

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 13 Sep 2021, 0:17:24

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 15 Sep 2021, 4:53:57

Okay, so this song:

is the last one i want to do before moving over Casey Neill but the thing is
it was released on an EP called RAISE THE PERISCOPE by a band called Big Bridges

Neither of them are listed on musicbrainz, this circumstantial band is a collaborative by Casey Neill and Takashi O’hashi.
It’s a japanese only release. There’s also Kathryn Claire who seems to have participated but i don’t think she did much.

Do i have to create the band?

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 15 Sep 2021, 5:29:45

Of all the songs assigned to LITTLE GIRL BLUE, only one of them is really on it

There’s no special deluxe edition containing any of these songs.

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 16 Sep 2021, 0:49:51

Duplicate setlist, i don’t know which one to keep, these setlist are the one and only setlist for both of these two guys. Both setlist contain numerous mistakes.

I'd rather keep Pistol Hill. He mentions Chance Stanley on his setlist.

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Re: Problems with artists

Posted 16 Sep 2021, 21:09:34

The spelling of the Seattle artists “the Rangehoodss” is incorrect and must be a typo. The name Rangehoods was sometimes spelled the Range Hoods, but the common spelling was The Rangehoods. I see there are 18 listings for “The Rangehoodss” and 1 listing for “The Rangehoods”. Please correct it to just “The Rangehoods” for all 19. Thanks.

Re: Problems with artists

Posted 17 Sep 2021, 0:39:03

I can assign these songs to anybody i’d want besides the right one.
Nine songs that can’t be assigned to the original performing artist.


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