Question about renamed cover song

Re: Question about renamed cover song

Posted 22 May 2019, 18:53:49

I don't know I guess I'll have to accept it but now it seems like according to this website the chromatics have never done the 1st song off of their album kill for love which is titled into the black, live, which is incorrect because I've seen it with my own eyes

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Re: Question about renamed cover song

Posted 10 Aug 2019, 21:39:13


The song known as 'Kansas City” was first released as K.C. Loving so according to this rule it should be listed this way for albums statistics safe.

But Moderator childofthemoon keeps reverting it to “Kansas City” saying “I really could care less what this song was first called back in the 1800s. The song has evolved into a new title. The band performed this song as Kansas City and that's how it appeared on their printed setlist for the show” (

So who is right ?

I'd like to have Bendodrin's opinion and other moderators'.

Thanks !

Re: Question about renamed cover song

Posted 10 Aug 2019, 23:37:00

It's not a traditional song or one with disputed authorship, Wikipedia and secondhandsongs agree it was first released as “K.C. Lovin” and if you listen to a YouTube recording it is definitely the same song. Apparently it is the same thing as Crossroads/Crossroad Blues by Robert Johnson. Regardles of what anyone's personal feelings are about this it should be listed as “K.C. Loving but let's hold off making the edit and move this over to the Mod forum. I can't do that tonight because I am on my phone.

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