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Cincinnati-based quartet, WALK THE MOON, came back in a huge way last year with What If Nothing, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2014’s Talking Is Hard, which featured the monster single, “Shut Up and Dance.” With their third studio album, WALK THE MOON honed their sound without compromising their style. The band are headed out on a North American tour beginning Friday, January 12--so, what will their setlist include? Here's what I'm guessing.
“Anna Sun”
“Anna Sun.” Obviously. It’s off their self-titled 2012 debut studio LP, but originated years before on a self-released independent record. This was WALK THE MOON’S most popular jam before “Shut Up and Dance” dominated the airwaves a few years later. “Anna Sun” is not only WALK THE MOON’S number one most played tune, but also the one-song fans go completely nuts over at their shows. At this point, it would be criminal for WALK THE MOON not to play “Anna Sun” at every single show on tour.
WALK THE MOON - "Anna Sun"
“Shut Up and Dance”
2014's “Shut Up and Dance,” proved WALK THE MOON had staying power. Frontman Nicholas Petricca zealously sings, A backless dress and some beat up sneaks/My discotheque Juliet teenage dream/I felt it in my chest as she looked at me/I knew we were born to be together, Born to be together, that comes off effortlessly cool, an energetic antidote to wintertime blues. The stomping dance-rock hit from 2014’s Talking Is Hard is a lock to be played.
WALK THE MOON - "Shut Up and Dance"
“One Foot”
WALK THE MOON’S first single off the new record was “One Foot.” Serving as the band’s re-introduction song after their three-year absence, “One Foot” is the album’s call to arms. It features a catchy chorus with a testament to unity, and offers the same stomping one-liner in Got your back, if you’ve got mine, one foot in front of the other. This one won’t be much of a surprise if it’s played, but it is one of the best tracks on the new record.
WALK THE MOON - "One Foot"
Here's our first gamble. WALK THE MOON pumps the breaks on their fast-paced album with this new track, “Surrender.” For a band with so much kinetic energy, “Surrender” proves the band isn't pigeonholed to one particular style of music. With a deep '80s synth-beat and Petricca’s echoing vocals throughout, this is may be the band's finest ballad. “Surrender” has been played fewer than ten times, but it was included at their last performance, KROQ’S Almost Acoustic Christmas. You can expect this one in their setlist.
WALK THE MOON - "Surrender" (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
“Tiger Teeth”
Another long shot play is “Tiger Teeth.” The band toyed with “Tiger Teeth” for several years during their live shows, finally releasing a studio version on What If Nothing. It’s an ambitious song that deals with the pain of a relationship ending. “Tiger Teeth,” which has been performed a dozen times, is big in sonic scope from an album occupied with loud-in-your-face jams. Just like actual tiger teeth, this one cuts deep.
WALK THE MOON - "Tiger Teeth"
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