Tour Update: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Northern California rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club recently released their 7th studio album, Wrong Creatures. In support of the new release, the band is set to kick-off a North American run on January 20th at the House of Blues Houston. The US dates will run through early spring and wrap up in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theater on February 24th. The west coast natives are scheduled to play select Australian and Paris dates, with a festival performance at Austin's Shaky Knees Festival in between the string of international shows.
On the release day of the new record, Wrong Creatures, frontman Pete Hayes payed us a visit at our LA studio. Hayes talked to us about how even their most played songs can feel a little different every time they’re performed.
The ones that have been around for a long time, I try to get into what it means in that day. I guess more lyrically. It could be the same line, you've been singing it for however many years but for some reason on this day you're singing it out of anger, so you go with that. Another day is out of want or longing or love. That's what keeps it interesting to me, are those changes. And even playing musically, you can play it a little more laid back, you feel kind of tripped out. One day is nice and loose and another day you're just angry. I don't know if that's evolving but that's the fun of it.
Watch our full tour update with Pete Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club below:

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