Setlist.Fm's Official 2019 Tour Wishlist

Happy 2019! The New Year is officially here, which means new tours are going to start kicking off, or resume, any day now! There are some big acts making their rounds this year.
We got: Ariana Grande, A$AP Rocky, Kasey Musgraves, Paul McCartney, Cher, KISS, Massive Attack, Vince Staples, Papa Roach, Robyn, Hozier, The 1975, Carrie Underwood, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Hootie and the Blowfish, Weird Al, Rolling Stones, Dead & Co… Just to name a few…
Major tours from 2018 will also be spilling over into this year such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Panic! At the Disco, Ozzy Osbourne, Mumford and Sons, Slayer, twenty one pilots and more.
In the upcoming months we’ll be turning on the notifications for our favorite bands in hopes that they’ll announce a tour too. While there are some artists who we suspect will DEFINITELY be announcing a tour sooner or later, there are still some wild cards we can only wish upon a star to go on tour this year.
There’s no better way in manifesting what you want than writing it down and putting it out into the universe, so welcome to our 2019 tour WISH LIST.

Spice Girls North American Tour

Not so long ago, our favorite girl power group from the ‘90s - you know, the one that redefined a whole generation – announced a reunion tour, but only in the UK. With news this big, there’s BOUND to be more dates in the works for the rest of the world. And hopefully these other dates will include an appearance by Posh… Just putting it out there. Their last tour was over a decade ago in 2008.


Rumors have been growing since the summer that AC/DC are back in the studio recording a new album when a photo of Angus Young with Stevie Young at a Vancouver recording studio surfaced. The studio is where the Aussies recorded their last three albums. If they are indeed making a new album, then perhaps a tour will come sooner than later. Their last world tour was in 2016.
AC/DC live in 2016

Frank Ocean

Does this man ever tour? The ever-elusive and private artist manages to remain one of the biggest, modern day R&B musicians, all without any social media presence, and sparse live appearances, let alone tours. His last album releases were 2016’s Endless and Blond, and any rumors of a new album are oblique. Since Ocean is known for his element of surprise, this man will be on my tour wishlist every single year.

Neil Young Solo

Given his age, the master of rock hardly does full-fledged tours anymore. Instead he does short runs in parts of the country where his favorite historic theaters lay rest. Last year I had the pleasure of catching Young reunite Crazy Horse in California during a string of shows. He’s since gone from place-to-place solo style, but has yet to return to California in this form. So for 2019 I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that Uncle Neil will bring is intimate solo gig to the West Coast. For now, he has some dates elsewhere.
Neil Young "Heart of Gold" live 2018

Van Halen

Last week we reported that rumors were afloat about a Van Halen reunion that would involve the classic line up. Right after, unfortunately, Michael Anthony crushed those hopes by denying the rumors. However, since there’s already so much talk about it, why not make it happen!? We’ll see… A Van Halen tour either way would be rockin’.


The English-French pioneers of avant-pop recently announced their first live appearance after a 10-year hiatus at Barcelona’s Primavera festival. It sounds like the band will be announcing more dates in due time, as their website states “Keep ‘em peeled for news of the live return of Stereolab.” I would be thrilled if they revealed a massive North American tour that visited beloved venues, rather than just a festival run.
Stereolab live in 2008

John Mayer North American Tour

Mayer recently announced a Solo Tour for 2019, but only in Australia and Asia. The shows are in March, which would give him enough time to squeeze in a North American tour before the Dead & Company summer tour takes off. Please John! Make a major comeback in 2019! It’s been since 2017 since he embarked on a full solo tour in the States.


The Queen of R&B puts music out, and tours, at her own pace. She follows NO rules. Which is why she’s simply the best. She finally released some new music this past year, both for films, and rumors about a new album have been afloat. Will 2019 be Sade’s year? I’d wait a lifetime TBH. Her last world tour was in 2011.
Sade line in 2011


If I had it my way, Queen B would tour every year. On the Run II baptized 2018, but honestly I would not mind her embarking on a solo tour, and I know you wouldn’t either!

The Strokes

They already announced one festival date in Europe, teasing their "global comeback." So we're just here waiting patiently and sipping tea until more dates drop... Their last tour was in 2017.

The Raconteurs

This is almost a guarantee, all they've talking about this past year is how they're recording a new album. Jack White just ended a massive solo tour, so it only makes sense that Raconteurs will be his 2019 move. Their last tour was in 2011.
The Raconteurs live in 2011
Here’s to hoping all our tour wishes come true in 2019, and we hope you have a fruitful year of concert-going!
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