Toto's 40 Trips Around the Sun Tour Highlights

Toto has always been iconic, even before Weezer revived "Africa" as a career-boosting cover. They've been proving this all year long as they've been traveling on their 40 Trips Around the Sun tour in support of their greatest hits album, derived of the same name.
The album itself features some of the biggest hits from their long and fruitful career, in addition to three previously unreleased songs: "Spanish Sea," "Alone" and "Struck by Lightning.”
The Los Angeles natives first kicked off the tour in February 2018 in Europe. They've since brought the tour across the globe to adoring fans, and the buzzy jaunt is now making its rounds in Australia and New Zealand. It doesn't intend on stopping anytime soon either, the trek extends through July 2019, with a return to Europe to conclude.
As you can imagine, there are too many memorable tour moments to count, so follow along for all the highlights and setlist surprises.
The Setlist and Sets
The 40+ year band are wizards at crafting a setlist for the fans, though they admit it's difficult given their extensive catalog. Still, the sets are all encompassing, with a Set 1, an Acoustic storytellers set, a Set 2, and an encore to boot. In total, that averages at about 24 songs per night, with festival sets getting a shorter version.
The setlist has been fixed for most of the tour, because it's too mint to skew. The night always opens with new release "Alone" and rolls through bangers like "Lovers in the Night," "I Will Remember," "Lea" and finishing the first set with "Rosanna" before going into the acoustic set.
The storytelling acoustic portion is a real intimate pow-wow between the band and the fans as the rockers go through a list of about 5-7 songs and partially perform each track while sharing a story behind the tune. This portion includes a cover of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature." Watch a video of them doing "storytellers" below:
Toto Acoustic Storytellers
The second set switches back to electric land and fires off with "Girl Goodbye." They save the banger for last, closing out with "Africa" before coming back out for an encore, which was "The Road Goes On" during the first half, but this second half of the tour, the band has switched out the song for their own Weezer cover of "Hash Pipe."
See their most recent setlist below:
The Production
With an 8-piece outfit up there, there's a whole lot going on, on stage. There is no shortage of keys, guitars, drums, bass or harmonies. Check out a fan caught video below.
Toto "Africa" live 7/30/18
Deep Cuts
While the setlist remains mostly fixed, that doesn't mean Toto is too good for deep cuts! Some deep cuts they've brought onto the tour included "Stranger in Town," "Miss Sun," "Angela" and "Mushanga."
Toto "Stranger In Town" Live
More Dates
As mentioned before, Toto have several more dates left for 2019. Head to their website for the full dates and if you have the chance, catch them in all their glory!

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