Green Day Live Debut New Single "Ready, Fire, Aim" at NHL Game

This weekend, the National Hockey League’s (NHL) annual All-Star game occurred in St. Louis, Missouri at the Enterprise Center. Rock band Green Day headlined a few performances, one outside the venue before the game and another on the ice rink during the second intermission. The band kicked off the pregame outdoor set with a spirited performance of “Know Your Enemy” from their eighth studio album, 21st Century Breakdown. The song was immediately followed by “Bang Bang,” the lead single from their 2016 album Revolution Radio that peaked on multiple US and international charts. They finished off the performance with a live debut of their latest track, “Fire, Ready, Aim,” which carries an idiosyncratic sound as part of their foothold.
Check out the setlists from both performances here:
Green Day
Green Day
Green Day Live at NHL All-Star Game
As part of a partnership between Green Day and the NHL, “Fire, Ready, Aim” was officially released on October 7, 2019, and was also the opening theme for the NHL’s hockey broadcasts on Wednesday nights. The song comes from Green Day’s forthcoming full-length album, Father of All…, which is set to drop on February 7. It was the second track to be released from their thirteenth studio album, with the first one being the lead single “Father of All…” The album will be their newest music since the launch of Revolution Radio in 2016.
Green Day's "Fire, Ready, Aim" Music Video
During the indoor performance, Green Day presented a mash-up of “Basket Case” and “American Idiot,” which included a series of ad-libbed expletives that were censored by American broadcasters. Canadian television, however, did not censor the performance, which provoked a lot of critical reception. Many, however, understand that this is simply Billie Armstrong doing what he does best.

This summer, the band will also embark on their summer 2020 tour, Hella Mega Tour, starring co-headliners Weezer and Fall Out Boy. Beginning July 17, the tour will course through Asia, Europe and North America before wrapping up its final show on August 29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Tickets to their upcoming tour dates can be purchased here.
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